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We have lost the art of good written communication

by Carolyn Purnell-Webb • 5 Jan 2014
I had an inkling – but after pouring through hundreds of standard letter templates and correspondence this year, I... READ MORE
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The holy grail of a great blog

by Peter Sarmas • 2 Jan 2014

So let’s cut to the chase and stop beating around the bush. You want to know how to write a kick-ass blog?

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The real cost of training

by Paul Eldridge • 1 Jan 2014
Andrew and I (co-founders of Intellitrain) got into training and developing because we love making a difference in... READ MORE
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Consumer advocacy key to sustainable 2014

by Lisa Claes • 30 Dec 2013
If the 2013 broker landscape was characterised by convergence, then customer advocacy is the watchword for... READ MORE
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The problem with rapid growth

by Ryan Crawford • 29 Dec 2013
As the founder of an organisation currently experiencing growth most start-ups can only dream of, one of the biggest... READ MORE
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Top 10 tips for time management

by Douglas Driscoll • 23 Dec 2013
The bad news is that time flies; the good news is that you’re the pilot. In my opinion, if you can master your time... READ MORE
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Looking into my crystal ball for 2014 gives me confidence

by George Lucas • 22 Dec 2013
Think how often that Treasury, with all its resources, gets its budget forecasts wrong and then have some pity for... READ MORE
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Resumes are dead.

by Steve Sammartino • 19 Dec 2013
The formal CV or resume has been replaced by this amazing new ‘Auto CV... READ MORE
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Half a million needed to make super funds work

by Rolf Howard • 18 Dec 2013
Some accountants and financial planners, seeking to capitalise on the growing self-managed super funds (SMSF) market,... READ MORE
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Sharing is caring and it’s also good for business

by Jeremey Fisher • 17 Dec 2013
Some companies take a ‘here and there’ approach to donating to charities but there can be a much greater benefit to... READ MORE
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Give some Christmas cheer to your referral partners

by Nathan Swain • 16 Dec 2013
It’s that time of the year once again! Amongst other things, it is the time to sit back, relax and reflect on the... READ MORE
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Be picky with your partners

by • 15 Dec 2013
Diversification is the new norm of mortgage broking. And if you don’t want to offer a certain ancillary service... READ MORE
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How will your clients fare under comprehensive credit reporting?

by Graham Doessel • 12 Dec 2013
There has understandably been considerable concern amongst brokers over how Australia’s new credit laws... READ MORE
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It's about the numbers

by Alan Hemmings • 11 Dec 2013
I was taught by a manager very early on, to run a business you need to know your numbers. Whether it is sales,... READ MORE
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The art of communication

by Ewan Morton • 10 Dec 2013

A firm handshake. A direct look. Listen. Engage. Respond.



Anthony Albanese new ta

Home owners in flood regions offered cash payments

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday (6 July), Prime Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed that residents in the...

Sam Henley

Fifo invests further into BDM team

According to Fifo Capital (Fifo), Sam Henley joined the lender as its senior business development manager –...

Stephen Hale ta

MFAA launches near-prime, specialist loan resource

Coined Finance for when your customer doesn’t fit the mould: A broker’s guide to near-prime and...

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