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Lead flow mastery: The key to broker success

by Annie Kane • 15 Apr 2024
Investing in strategies to boost lead flow is essential for business growth and success, outlines Ruan Burger, founder... READ MORE

Unpacking the unjust clawback: A call for fairness in finance

by Annie Kane • 13 Feb 2024
Despite collaborative efforts between lenders and brokers, there’s an underlying issue that needs a spotlight: the... READ MORE

What do brokers think makes a brokerage successful?

by Annie Kane • 9 Feb 2024
After unveiling the Top 25 Brokerages ranking 2024, we wanted to know what brokers think makes a brokerage successful.... READ MORE

Is your client an Emu, Phoenix, or Falcon?

by Annie Kane • 24 Jan 2024
The year 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. But, as Nick Young explains, brokers might find it to be the Year of the... READ MORE

The 5-step life reset process

by Annie Kane • 2 Jan 2024

After identifying why you may need a life reset in 2024, Sam Makhoul outlines how you actually do it.


4 signs you need to do a life reset in 2024

by Annie Kane • 12 Dec 2023
Challenges, complexity, and distractions can lead us into one of four negative states that stop us from leading the... READ MORE

Top downsizing myths: Essential insights for brokers

by Annie Kane • 20 Nov 2023
The term ‘client for life’ is a phrase commonly heard in the mortgage broking industry, but it is also closely tied... READ MORE

Why business leaders need to talk about menopause

by Malavika Santhebennur • 9 Nov 2023
An empowerment coach has described how being diagnosed with and receiving treatment for perimenopause changed the way... READ MORE

How to avoid the ‘cultural tax’

by Malavika Santhebennur • 7 Nov 2023
Expanding cultural literacy through research can help financial service providers gain the trust of clients from... READ MORE

‘Do it sooner rather than later’: Louisa Sanghera talks...

by Malavika Santhebennur • 3 Nov 2023
Louisa Sanghera highlighted the importance of a succession plan after countless health battles spurred her to implement... READ MORE

‘Scale your impact’: Lessons on leadership from an REA executive

by Malavika Santhebennur • 2 Nov 2023
As women assume leadership roles, it is essential for them to scale their impact by mobilising team members to create... READ MORE

Options as diverse as your clients

by Annie Kane • 2 Oct 2023
Brokers who embrace non-bank solutions are well-positioned to lead the way, Kimberly Linder, director and finance... READ MORE

What I learned from the SME Broker Bootcamp 2023

by Annie Kane • 19 Sep 2023
It was a great pleasure to travel to Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne this year as a lead facilitator for The... READ MORE

How private lending could give brokers the edge

by Annie Kane • 5 Sep 2023
Rather than lose SME clients with unconventional finance needs to a competitor, brokers could use private lenders to... READ MORE

Navigating anxiety in the financial services industry: A call for...

by Annie Kane • 30 Aug 2023
In the ever-evolving landscape of the financial services industry, where economic shifts and interest rate fluctuations... READ MORE
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