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Advertising and marketing seen as #1 driver for business growth

by Nick Young • 5 Jun 2017
According to the recent trail book opinion survey conducted by Momentum Intelligence, 60 per cent of brokers considered... READ MORE

Can a personal loan assist with funds to complete a property purchase?

by Paul Walshe • 29 May 2017
This is a topic that many lenders and brokers understand can be fraught with danger. Handled successfully, these... READ MORE

Insight: Peter Langham, Scottish Pacific - May 2017

by Tamikah Bretzke • 22 May 2017
Peter Langham talks to The Adviser about Scottish Pacific’s acquisition of Bibby Financial, his advice to brokers... READ MORE

Just how productive and efficient are you?

by Jeff Zulman • 15 May 2017
A report published by the MFAA late in 2016 reveals some intriguing insights into the mortgage broking... READ MORE

Be a trusted advisor

by Peter Ellis • 8 May 2017
Many brokers are missing a huge untapped market by not focusing on SME’s. The numbers show the scale of the... READ MORE

Using a trail book to get cash flow to the business within 24 hours

by Nick Young • 8 May 2017
Brokers are increasingly viewing their trail book as an asset that can either be sold as a portion or in its entirety.... READ MORE

Insight: Royden D'Vaz and Craig Meale - Bluestone

by Tamikah Bretzke • 8 May 2017
The Adviser talks to the Bluestone team about being ranked one of the best specialist lenders this year, the feedback... READ MORE

Brokers and influencer marketing

by Zak Wilford • 1 May 2017
Outside the broker bubble, marketing is evolving rapidly and the next bandwagon businesses are jumping on is influencer... READ MORE

Insight: John Flavell, Mortgage Choice

by Tamikah Bretzke • 24 Apr 2017
The Adviser talks to John Flavell of Mortgage Choice about how the business plans to increase its broker numbers, how... READ MORE

Are you a good mentor?

by Hank Hong • 24 Apr 2017
One of the most positive changes in our industry was the introduction of the mentorship requirement for all brokers... READ MORE

7 reasons brokers should care about specialist lending

by Peter Ellis • 18 Apr 2017
With mortgage stress and non-vanilla deals on the rise, now is the time for brokers to boost their knowledge on... READ MORE

Using data and niches to find your goldmine of clients

by Matt Mitchener • 10 Apr 2017
As a business, it's important to understand your territory like the back of your hand and hone in on your target... READ MORE

Insight: Ross Le Quesne, Aussie - April 2017

by Tamikah Bretzke • 10 Apr 2017
The Adviser talks to Aussie’s Ross Le Quesne about the processes and procedures he’s implemented within his... READ MORE

Tips for breaking into debtor finance

by Peter Langham • 10 Apr 2017
Brokers working with SMEs will undoubtedly do some debtor finance, but how can mortgage brokers break into this area?... READ MORE

Franchise or aggregator - what's the best?

by Graeme Salt • 10 Apr 2017
By the time I make my regular presentation to mortgage broking students their heads are reeling when they come to... READ MORE
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