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Why this accountant became a commercial broker

by Annie Kane • 28 May 2024
In 2014, Grace Green left her role as an accountant at a big corporate firm to become her own boss as a Loan Market...READ MORE

How this brokerage is harnessing AI to accelerate loan writing

by Annie Kane • 21 May 2024
Being able to generate and convert business quickly is a key part of building a successful brokerage, but so too is... READ MORE

How this Qantas pilot is flying high with his brokerage

by Annie Kane • 14 May 2024
Richard (Rick) Garner and his team at Crew Financial have seemingly been working at lightspeed, managing their jobs as... READ MORE

The Nu-Age of asset finance broking

by Annie Kane • 16 Apr 2024
Western Australia-based broker Jill Fleck may have begun her career in asset finance 30 years ago, but she’s been... READ MORE

How this broker is evolving her brokerage

by Annie Kane • 9 Apr 2024
Lisa Bridgett from Stellar Finance Group has been broking for seven years and has been constantly evolving her... READ MORE

How this broker created The Brokers’ Bible

by Annie Kane • 26 Mar 2024

Property should come before Prada, that’s the mantra of Victorian-based broker Katherine Persoglia.


How this broker is helping borrowers finance their next adventure

by Annie Kane • 21 Mar 2024
In this episode of Elite Broker, we find out how Joshua De Buelle, broker principal at FiNEXT, has been rapidly growing... READ MORE

How this broker runs a high-volume business

by Annie Kane • 12 Mar 2024
In this episode of Elite Broker – recorded live on stage at the Better Business Awards 2024 – we find out how... READ MORE

How Lee Barron is providing exceptional customer service

by Annie Kane • 5 Mar 2024
Recorded at the Better Business Summit 2024 in Adelaide, we catch up with Fox Financial Solutions broker Lee Barron to... READ MORE

What makes Australia’s leading asset finance broker successful?

by Annie Kane • 27 Feb 2024
In this episode of Elite Broker – recorded live on stage at the Better Business Awards 2024 – we find out how... READ MORE

How Gary Rock has been cooking up a storm in broking

by Annie Kane • 20 Feb 2024
After a career as a chef, Nectar Mortgages broker Gary Rock has found the recipe for success in serving up appetising... READ MORE

How this broker creates relationships that last

by Annie Kane • 16 Jan 2024
Over his 10-year career, Luke Harborne of IFA Mortgages has been delighting clients with his proactive approach to... READ MORE

Why Rishi Bhatia’s brokerage is all about good work

by Annie Kane • 2 Jan 2024
Eight years ago, Rishi Bhatia was looking to get a home loan for himself. But little did he know that the process would... READ MORE

Our most popular podcast episodes of 2023

by Annie Kane • 28 Dec 2023

We reveal the most-listened-to episodes of The Adviser Podcast Network in 2023.


How Brendan Scotter has made equipment finance a slam dunk

by Annie Kane • 12 Dec 2023
Commercial broker Brendan Scotter has really been shooting goals with his brokerage Commercial Point Finance. We find... READ MORE

How this broker runs 4 brokerages at the same time

by Annie Kane • 21 Nov 2023
Queensland-based broker Danny Blair runs not one, but four broking offices, having opened his fourth Aussie franchise... READ MORE

How Australia’s Regional Broker of the Year overcame burnout

by Annie Kane • 7 Nov 2023
Ashleigh Pakis outlines the importance of prioritising wellbeing, setting boundaries and reaching out for help to... READ MORE

How the Commercial Broker of the Year 2023 built his business

by Annie Kane • 17 Oct 2023
In this episode of the Elite Broker podcast, host Annie Kane is joined by Simplicity Loans & Advisory co-founder... READ MORE

How this broker is successfully navigating commercial property and...

by Annie Kane • 10 Oct 2023
Commercial and property development finance has been in the spotlight recently as costs escalate and many construction... READ MORE

How and why this WA broker is breaking records

by Annie Kane • 3 Oct 2023
Following his world record attempt of solo rowing from Australia to Africa without touching land, we catch up with... READ MORE

Why broking was a natural move for Mark Sieler

by Annie Kane • 19 Sep 2023
Mark Sieler started his career in finance back in 2000, but after working alongside brokers in the lending space and at... READ MORE

From financial planner to Finance Broker of the Year

by Robyn Tongol • 12 Sep 2023
In this episode of the Eite Broker podcast, host Annie Kane is joined by founder of The Finance Consultancy, Chris... READ MORE

From childhood friends to broker directors

by Annie Kane • 8 Aug 2023
The dynamic duo behind Two Birds One Loan, Elouise Dooley and Alissa Childs, have been in each other’s lives since... READ MORE

How Mark Kevin is building a profitable, scalable brokerage

by Robyn Tongol • 11 Jul 2023
Despite making the move from banking to broking less than three years ago, Mark Kevin, managing director of Mortgage... READ MORE

Rowing to Africa — why and how Rob Barton is looking to break the...

by Annie Kane • 2 Jun 2023
We catch up with Strawberry Finance broker Rob Barton, calling us from his satellite phone out on the Indian Ocean, as... READ MORE

How this broker has been rapidly growing his team

by Annie Kane • 23 May 2023
Suvidh Arora, chief executive and chief solutions officer at Cinch Loans, has been rapidly growing his Melbourne-based... READ MORE

How Theo Chambers runs a leading independent brokerage

by Annie Kane • 16 May 2023
Shore Financial was ranked as the most successful independent brokerage in Australia in the Top 25 Brokerages report... READ MORE

Running a brokerage with a family feel

by Annie Kane • 9 May 2023
Mortgage Choice South Melbourne broker principal Paul Williams was named Editor’s Choice winner at the Better... READ MORE

VIDEO PODCAST: How this broker is getting ahead of the fixed-rate...

by Annie Kane • 26 Apr 2023
Anthony O’Flynn has been at the forefront of third-party mortgage distribution for decades, helping set up CBA’s... READ MORE

How this broker is getting ahead of the fixed-rate cliff

by Annie Kane • 26 Apr 2023
Sydney-based broker Anthony O'Flynn and his team at IFA Mortgages have been busy proactively repricing their clients... READ MORE