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Only 1/4 business leaders ‘extremely equipped’ to lead team

by snichols11 minute read
Only 1/4 business leaders ‘extremely equipped’ to lead team

A minority of business leaders and line managers feel very capable to lead their team, according to new figures by The Access Group and HR Leader.

As suggested by the report released by both bodies, the inaugural Evolution of Leadership Report 2022, a significant cohort of business leaders do not feel “extremely equipped” to lead their teams. 

According to the data, which is derived from a survey of over 730 business leaders and line managers, only 25 per cent expressed that they were extremely equipped to lead their team. 

However, more than half (59 per cent) of the respondents expressed that they believed themselves to be “very equipped” as team leaders. 


An additional 15 per cent said they felt to be “somewhat equipped” while 1 per cent noted they only felt slightly equipped to be team leaders. 

This level of confidence appears to alter between line managers and more senior staff. 

According to the report, 20 per cent of line managers only feel somewhat equipped to be team leaders, while 3 per cent feel only slightly equipped. 

Further, more than half (61 per cent) expressed they were “very equipped to be leaders”, while 16 per cent were extremely equipped. 

However, more than one-quarter of directors, executives and senior management expressed themselves as being entirely capable of the role, with 28 per cent of the collective responding that they were “extremely equipped” to lead their respective teams. 

The report also noted that 13 per cent of this cohort said they were somewhat equipped, while an additional 1 per cent felt to be only slightly equipped. 

As reflected with line managers, more than half (58 per cent) saw themselves as “very equipped”. 

Speaking of the results, HR Leader editor Shandel McAuliffe said the results reflected a persistent trend of leaders finding themselves in the position without preparation. 

“It’s not a surprise that so many leaders don’t feel ‘extremely equipped’ to lead their team. Reassuringly, 59 per cent feel ‘very equipped’, so they’re on the right path,” Ms McAuliffe told The Adviser. 

“A lot of leaders find themselves propelled into leadership roles as they move forward in their career, but don’t receive the right level of training to perform at a high level as a ‘leader’.”

Ms McAuliffe added that more businesses should see leadership as something that can be learned, rather than an inherent trait among individuals.

“Organisations need to treat leadership as a skill – regardless of where they stand in terms of the born versus bred debate about leadership – and give leaders the support and knowledge they require to feel confident in that role,” Ms McAuliffe said.

The same report also noted that almost nine in 10 (88 per cent) of professionals surveyed believe that operating, at least in part, in an outcome-focused environment delivers the best business results.

Further, the findings noted that the most important attribute of effective leadership was communication (as cited by 62 per cent of respondents).

The full report contains insights from The Access Group, newly minted HR and leadership brand HR Leader, and leadership and workplace relations specialists. 

You can download the report here.

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Sam Nichols is a journalist at The Adviser and Mortgage Business.


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