Treasury economist turned mortgage broker on how he is educating borrowers

redom syed redom syed
Todd Stevens 2 minute read

Redom Syed’s journey into broking was fuelled by a passion to improve financial literacy among borrowers after his parents lost their jobs and, subsequently, their home.

In this episode of the Elite Broker podcast, Redom Syed joins host Annie Kane to unpack how he grew his business, Confidence Finance, which last year alone wrote more than 180 mortgages worth around $80 million.

You will also find out:

  • How his work as a Treasury economist set him up for success in broking
  • How he was able to position himself as a trusted specialist in the sector
  • His thoughts on the declining property market and how it is impacting the industry

And plenty more!

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Treasury economist turned mortgage broker on how he is educating borrowers
redom syed
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redom syed
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