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30 Under Thirty 2017

Priya Murthy Monday, 05 March 2018 Comments 0
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 30 Under Thirty 2017

Once again, The Adviser’s 30 Under Thirty ranking has revealed the young men and women making their mark in the Australian mortgage broking industry.

MORTGAGE BROKING continues to stand out as an attractive industry for young Australians. This year’s 30 Under Thirty ranking included a whopping 13 new entrants, some of whom have only been in the business for 12 months.


Diversification was a key theme among this year’s top young brokers, with over 60 per cent of the top 30 writing business other than residential mortgages.

Connective was home to the largest number of young guns this year (8), followed by AFG (5), Choice Aggregation Services (4), Mortgage Choice (4), Loan Market (3), eChoice (2), FAST (2), PLAN Australia (1) and Specialist Finance Group (1). Brokers were ranked based on their total volume of residential loans over the 2017 financial year, the number of mortgages written over that period and the total volume of other loans written. Residential loan volumes were given a greater weighting.

In December 2017, The Adviser, in partnership with principal partner Connective, hosted the Rising Stars event in Sydney to reveal the ranking and celebrate the achievements of the industry’s best and brightest.

Broker of the Year George Samios


You’ve topped the list once again. How has business been over the last 12 months?

One of my staff has become a broker now. I’ve also brought on two young interns who want to become brokers. I’m basically teaching them everything I’ve learned over the last six years. It is a bit different from what I have been doing previously. Before, it was all about George. Now I’m focused on training up my team and getting them across our processes.

What has the training involved?

I’ve written training manuals and I do sessions with the team where we run through scenarios and I teach them how to be a broker. In previous years, I didn’t have the patience or time to do that. Today, I have the staff , I have the patience and I have the time. Best of all, I’m really enjoying it. I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t do everything and I need to teach others for the business to grow.

How many staff do you have in your team now?

I’ve got two 21-year-old interns; my manager, and my mother, Helen; then I have Nicole, who is a broker now; and we’ve got Josie, who is a mortgage support officer. Tony is our self-employed specialist, who works for us part-time. Over the last few months, there has been a lot of role changing in the business.

What are your plans moving into 2018?

I probably won’t be writing as many loans myself next year. I’ll be training and mentoring the young guys, making sure that my business runs really smoothly. I’ll also be focusing more of my time on Trycall, our technology business that provides brokers with a direct-to-voicemail service.

THE LAST 12 months have marked the start of a new era in the Australian mortgage broking industry. 2017 showed us a future where rapid regulatory change, heightened scrutiny, increasing consumer expectations and technological advancements are the new normal. A future that will be owned by innovative, resilient and customer-focused mortgage brokers ready to turn change into opportunity. Like those mortgage brokers we are recognising in this year’s 30 Under Thirty feature.

Connective is proud to support the industry’s rising stars and leading young brokers, acknowledging that it is brokers with a solid customer focus that will continue to thrive and succeed.

We play a key role in equipping mortgage brokers to thrive in our industry’s bright and dynamic tomorrow, and we’re delighted to support activities that grow and build the professionalism in the mortgage broking industry.

Congratulations to this year’s top 30 Under Thirty. We look forward to seeing your persistent success as you continue to embrace change, add value to your customers and pursue growth.

Mark Haron

Director, Connective

1 George Samios Madd Loans 28 NO CHANGE 4 Connective $134,600,000 527 $20,000,000
2 Hussain Mufti Mufti Finance 30 2 12 AFG $97,566,052 211 $3,697,000
3 Balpreet Bal Loan Market 29 NEW 2 Loan Market $77,636,857 205 $524,580
4 Amie Tennant Future Finance Group 29 2 11 Choice Aggregation Services $72,596,028 296 $113,524
5 Nathan Vecchio Hunter Galloway 28 NEW 2.5 Connective $100,529,000 251 $0
6 Nelson Bedoya Loanmarket 30 7 2.5 Loanmarket $75,354,759 133 $3,127,587
7 Luke Harborne IFA Mortgages & Finance 24 NEW 2 FAST $52,485,217 173 $5,365,166
8 Brenden Lowbridge Money Links 28 2 6 PLAN Australia $61,894,498 154 $2,236,000
9 Jarred Spurr Sphere Finance 29 NEW 2.5 AFG $84,022,440 182 $0
10 Redom Syed Confidence Finance 27 5 3 Connective $72,000,000 284 $0
11 Alex Veljancevski Eventus Financial 27 NEW 2 Choice Aggregation Services $63,766,648 153 $763,396
12 Benjamin Passfield Mortgage Choice 29 7 5 Mortgage Choice $53,568,053 163 $1,994,300
13 Robert Mo Home Loan Experts 25 NEW 2 Connective $70,912,261 141 $0
14 Vincent Moore Entourage Finance 25 8 3 Connective $46,888,856 131 $923,000
15 Mustafa Haddad Anne Street Partners 27 14 3 AFG $58,265,398 105 $1,423,550
16 Brendan O'Reilly MO'R MORTGAGE OPTIONS 30 1 12 Choice Aggregation Services $49,091,796 146 $64,722
17 Griffin Czipri Echoice home loans 29 NO CHANGE 6 Echoice home loans $63,137,266 119 $0
18 Natasha Choi The Australian Lending & Investment Centre 27 8 2 Connective $55,924,106 118 $0
19 Bowen (Edward) Zhang Home Loan Experts 24 NEW 2 Connective $56,596,882 110 $0
20 Taylar Stephens Resolve Finance 24 NEW 3 Specialist Finance Group $45,356,696 124 $0
21 Brice Booker Mortgage Choice 27 NEW 1 Mortgage Choice $42,756,542 127 $22,000
21 Theo Jansen Mortgage Choice 29 3 5 Mortgage Choice $34,685,991 124 $845,086
23 Jacob Decru Loan Market 27 2 3 Loan Market $46,780,528 108 $0
24 Mitchell Shad Smartmove 25 8 3 AFG $50,740,860 94 $0
25 Daniel Berti Berti Financial 24 NEW 1.5 eChoice $40,056,000 101 $316,000
26 Gurminder Taggar (Gee) Archer Mortgage Group 28 NEW 1 Choice Aggregation Services $45,666,956 73 $642,000
27 Allan Ali Volkali Pty Ltd 30 7 5 Mortgage Choice $33,297,038 88 $4,200,000
28 Karli Martin Frankli 26 NEW 5 AFG $34,351,245 99 $172,424
29 Cameron Tilley Westminster National 28 1 4 FAST $23,714,975 101 $7,597,680
30 Vivienne Than Home Loan Experts 28 NEW 2 Connective $26,067,640 129 $0
30 Under Thirty 2017
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