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Victorian estate agents guilty of rampant misquoting

by Staff Reporter • 20 Dec 2007
An API study of 471 auctions over spring found that more than 50 per cent of properties sold for 20 per cent or more... READ MORE

AUSTRAC launches assistance tools as AML/CTF requirements kick in

by Staff Reporter • 13 Dec 2007
In conjunction with the new requirements the Minister for Home Affairs Bob Debus announced a suite of tools to assist... READ MORE

December 07: Safety mode for sub-prime sector

by Staff Reporter • 7 Dec 2007
Over the last month lenders in the sub-prime sector including Liberty Financial, Bluestone and Pepper have undergone... READ MORE

December 07: Australian RMBS still attractive to investors

by Staff Reporter • 7 Dec 2007
Capital markets have yielded little more than a trickle of funds to Australia’s securitisers in recent months. As... READ MORE

Countdown to compliance

by Staff Reporter • 6 Dec 2007
"Basel II is a journey not a destination and...January 1 2008 is only a milestone on that journey," proclaimed Bernie... READ MORE

November 07: Down to distribution

by Staff Reporter • 26 Oct 2007
For many brokers it was a rite of passage: build a loan book, install systems, develop a network, and then quickly... READ MORE

September 07: Forty year mortgages to combat affordability crisis

by Staff Reporter • 5 Sep 2007
Martin Barter, Genworth Financial’s CEO, believes that longer term loans are the key to getting people into home... READ MORE

BoQ ?natural consolidator? for building societies and credit unions

by Staff Reporter • 3 Sep 2007
“For us it’s about gaining exposure to more customers with a ‘small bank’ approach consistent... READ MORE

August 07: The cost of confusion

by Staff Reporter • 20 Aug 2007
Adding fuel to the fire was the announcement that Bluestone would increase its rates by between 17 and 55 basis over... READ MORE

Diversification - Necessity ? the mother of invention

by Staff Reporter • 6 Aug 2007
Competitive pressure among lenders, a high rate of consolidation and the diminishing residential loan market have... READ MORE

July 07: CPI index ? harbinger of rising rates?

by Staff Reporter • 27 Jul 2007
As the official measure of Australian inflation – and a key indicator for dictating the Reserve Bank of... READ MORE

July 07: Census reveals more Australians paying off mortgages

by Staff Reporter • 2 Jul 2007
Some of the results were revelatory while others were unsurprising. Arguably falling into the latter category is the... READ MORE

May 07: Together we stand

by Staff Reporter • 1 May 2007
If these conditions aren’t enough to keep most non-bank lenders on their toes, the timing of HLP’s collapse could... READ MORE
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