The loan writer’s guide to efficiency and effectiveness

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The Successful Loan Writer’s Playbook details how to get your clients, lenders and partners on side to get the best results for your business.

In the dynamic world of mortgage broking, success isn't just about closing deals - it's about building lasting relationships and a sustainable well-rounded business.

As you navigate relationships with clients, lenders, and partners, the need for efficiency becomes paramount. In a profession where time is often money, the ability to allocate time effectively can be the difference between thriving and surviving.

We’ve created a video guide in partnership with Ruan Burger where he unveils the strategies that can help you balance your time. With insights on how to streamline your efforts, build meaningful connections, and stay on the path to sustained success this is a must watch for brokers.

Check out the video guide here.

Here is a preview of some of Ruan’s tips featured in the guide for key stakeholder groups and how you can redefine your approach to make every interaction count.

Clients: how to reduce clawback and increase referrals

Prioritising your clients isn’t just a noble approach but also a smart business move. By consistently putting your clients first you can establish a trustworthy foundation that encourages long term relationships, loyalty and repeat business.

Once a client accepts your proposal, don’t let your role end there – this is where your real work begins. Focus on building a strong connection to reduce the risk of a clawback and increase the chance of getting referrals. The key is to manage your energy by planning specific times for client engagement, administrative tasks, and business development.

Prioritising clients pays off in the digital world too, where online reviews can make or break a business. Satisfied clients are more likely to leave a positive Google review, which serves as powerful first impression for potential clients. Great reviews can help build your reputation, set you apart in the market and act as a magnet for new business. Improve your Google review strike rate.

Lenders: how to speed up approval times

Cultivating strong relationships with lenders is essential to effectively service your clients and foster business growth. With different customer needs and scenarios, having an array at your disposal is necessary but with more lenders, comes more responsibility and time.

It’s not just about spending your time being polite or attending their events, focus on how you can make their life easier to set yourself apart. Be direct, ask about their needs so they prioritise your applications when they have limited time. Maintaining an open and candid relationship will allow you to understand any nuances and tailor applications to meet their specific requirements efficiently. The ability to maintain or speed up approval times not only benefits your clients but also your business.

You need to be able to advocate for your clients and to do so you need to be able to craft compelling narratives. Articulate your client's story in a way that resonates with the lender to increase approval likelihood and create a smoother process. Learn how to become a one-touch story teller.

Partners: how to build your reputation and drive leads

Building a solid referral network is vital for long-term success. Your time is valuable, so be selective about your business development efforts. Choose interactions that align with your expertise and target market and ultimately may contribute to the growth of your brokerage.

Your ability to generate consistent, quality leads depends greatly on your partnerships. By cultivating a network of reliable referrers, such as real estate agents, financial planners, and satisfied clients, you can tap into a consistent stream of quality leads. A robust referral network not only generates a steady influx of high-quality leads but also promotes a positive reputation within the community. Get the inside track on building a profitable referral network.

Ready to take your business to the next level? For more tips and insights, watch Ruan Burger share his playbook to setting good routines, improving outcomes, and achieving success.

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