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Learn how to balance your current operations while paving the way for your desired future.

The role of a broker business owner has changed dramatically over the last few years. Gone are the days when you filled out an application, submitted it and awaited approval. Running your own business now requires juggling multiple moving parts.

And it's about more than just running your business better; it's equally important to focus on the initiatives that will help grow your business. Ultimately, it boils down to balancing your current operations while paving the way for your desired future. This Creating Next-Level Business Processes presentation from Jason Back is the perfect tool to help you get started.

Challenge your perspective

To build a business foundation that will carry you forward is more than just methodology; it's a mindset shift. To challenge your perspective, you need to start by changing how you see the world at every opportunity, whether that's the next time you’re on holiday or out to dinner, take a moment to reflect and think about all the customer experiences surrounding you – look for the moments that exceed your expectations, the moments that delight you, and the moments that fall short. Embrace curiosity, challenge your thoughts and behaviours, be innovative, engage in candid conversations, and envision the kind of business you genuinely want to create for the customers that you really want to serve.

When you think about innovation, think beyond technology or making huge changes to your business. Instead, try to be innovative in your thinking, whether it’s a new marketing idea or something to celebrate your customers’ settlement. Small yet innovative ideas can make a significant difference in your business.

This mindset will encourage you to evaluate your business, allocate your time wisely, and prioritise working on your business rather than being consumed by it. This shift in perspective is vital for the long-term sustainability of your business.

Aim for a lighter experience

Client expectations have dramatically increased. Consider how you can provide value for your clients whilst maintaining a light, hassle-free experience.

Take a moment to map out your client’s journey, the processes involved, and the role technology plays in delivering your services. Then stand back and have a real honest assessment of what's happening right now in your business. Don't spend weeks hashing it out; allocate an hour or two to identify any points of friction. You can then prioritise those learnings to create a lighter experience for you and your clients.

Play to your strengths

The broking industry and client needs are constantly evolving. Channel your time and energy into what you do best. The payoff for focusing on your strengths will far outweigh your weaknesses. For example, if marketing isn’t your forte, don’t spend all your time trying to master social media or website optimisation. Let an expert do that work for you.

Invest in your education and stay updated with industry trends. Be selective with how you acquire your CPD points each year by choosing events and webinars that align with your business goals and skill development.

For more tips and insights, watch Jason Back, one of Australia’s leading mortgage broker business mentors and the Founder and Director of Broker Essentials as he discusses how brokerages can embrace the habits of high-performance brokers.

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