Your guide to becoming a high-performance broker

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Your guide to becoming a high-performance broker

Uncover the traits and behaviours of high-performance mortgage brokers and how you can leverage them in your career.

High performance brokers exceed expectations, grow through adversity and challenge and push their businesses to greater success. High performance isn’t always about working harder, the high-performance broker focuses on efficiency, sustainability and profitability.

We all work differently, and we follow different paths to success. However, the consistent effort applied to their businesses makes the highest performing brokers in the industry special.

High performance behaviours and strategies can be adopted across all career stages, whether you're just starting out, a seasoned veteran, an employee within a brokerage, or a business owner. What is critical is your focus on yourself as an individual, the business as a separate entity, your systems and processes, and the customer experience you ultimately deliver.

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In book one of The Better Broker’s Guide to High Performance Broking we explore the actionable insights directly from industry experts and leading brokers such as Founder of Broker Essentials Jason Back, Senior Credit Adviser at Shore Financial Christian Stevens, Founder of Front Row Financial Management Brendan Turnbull, and Finance Broker Manager at CFC Finance Kyle Manson.

Why being a good broker might not be enough

Traditionally, broking has been a solo sport, and individual brokers operating alone can generate a solid income. But good brokers always run into the same problem – more people will want your services, but you only have so many hours in a day, and you're limited in how many people you can help. While this model can be lucrative in the short term, it's not sustainable or scalable. It becomes hard to take holidays or time away from the business, because you are the business.

In our guide, we explore what it means to become a 'Business Builder'. Founder of Broker Essentials, Jason Back, explains if you're looking to become a profitable broker, you need to shift your mindset from industry expectations to tried and tested business metrics. He explains that chasing accolades is excellent but doesn't make you profitable.

Becoming a high-performance broker

There is a mindset and behavioural shift that is required to become a high performing broker. Changing behaviours is one of the most difficult things we can do as human beings, but that’s exactly what it takes to move the dial and transform yourself into a business leader. After speaking with some of Australia's best brokers we identified five key traits of a high-performance broker: 

Time management

Being the general manager of a business means carefully managing your own time. The best-performing brokerages are operated by people who know how to prioritise, delegate and outsource tasks. They are comfortable saying no and can set healthy boundaries.


Great entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new ideas and understand they can come from anywhere. Keeping an open mind is essential and is one of the key traits of a successful leader.


Becoming an employer and growing a profitable business takes dedication. There will be many times when you feel like throwing in the towel, which is why a clear strategy and end goal are critical.

Technical ability

All high-performing brokers have a strong technical ability when it comes to writing loans. This could be a specialist area like commercial finance or a niche market such as first home buyers or investors.


This is one of the most important but easily overlooked traits of high-performance brokers. Humility is the ability to accept your shortcomings and build a solid team of skilled people around you. You can't be great at everything. Know your limitations and use them as a checklist when recruiting.

Download our Better Broker’s Guide to High Performance Broking to unlock the secrets of high-performance brokers.

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