Unpacking payroll tax: essential broker insights from industry experts

Understand how payroll tax could become a national issue for brokers and prepare for its implications.

The payroll tax issue could hit any broker and aggregator.

In this webinar, uncover crucial insights from aggregators, industry bodies and experienced payroll tax and legal experts as we examine LMG’s ongoing legal challenge with Revenue NSW and tackle the important (and soon-to-be widespread issue) of payroll tax as it impacts the broker community.

With LMG the first aggregator to challenge the application of payroll tax in the broking industry, this webinar will hear from:

Anja Pannek, Chief Executive Officer, MFAA: Understand the broader industry perspective and implications of the issue for the broker community across Australia.

Jack Aquilina, Managing Associate (Tax), Dentons: Navigate the recent court decisions and what this could mean for brokers and the industry.

Adam Nicholas, Partner (Employment Taxes), PwC Australia: Specialising in Employment Tax, he will provide expert guidance on navigating complex regulations for organisations with employees in Australia.

Sam White, Executive Chairman of LMG: Hear firsthand accounts of LMG’s navigation of the payroll tax case and experience with Revenue NSW, and how they navigate the issue on behalf of their brokers across every state and territory (excluding WA).

This webinar is designed to equip brokers with the knowledge and strategies to navigate this evolving challenge, ensuring they are well-prepared for potential industry-wide effects.


60 minutes


Anja Pannek
Jack Acquilina
Adam Nicholas
Sam White
Annie Kane

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