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The digital future for mortgage brokers

pic at msa reception

pic at msa reception
Sam Makhoul, founder and managing director, MSA National 2 minute read

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MSA National managing director Sam Makhoul outlines the software tools that are essential for brokers.

When did you start working with the broker channel and why?

We first started working with the broker channel in 1995 when we were appointed by Macquarie Bank to their PUMA program to document and settle loans originated by brokers. We quickly learned the value that brokers brought to customers and to the industry generally even though, at that time, less than 2 per cent of loans were originated by brokers.

From that point onwards, everything we designed at MSA had the broker in mind and how they interacted with customers.

Why is a strong broker channel important to you?

Mortgage brokers act as the bridge between us and the customer throughout the settlement process. They provide customer feedback on various touch points and this allows us to develop and design better software and a better customer experience.

What is the company currently focused on/top area of work at the moment in terms of broker channel?

MSA is currently focused on going completely paperless in the wake of COVID-19.

MSA is developing processes and software tools to give brokers complete access to every customer interaction and every document produced on a file. They call this “radical transparency”.

MSA is also currently focused on expanding our integration with PEXA and lobbying state governments to fast-track the acceptance of electronic signing and settling home loans in every state. Currently, MSA is full digital in NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

What kind of tools and support do you offer brokers? And how do brokers access them?

There are two main software tools that are essential for brokers.

LoanTrak, Edition 2020, is a mobile-friendly portal that gives brokers key features, including:

  • Real-time reporting and tracking across all MSA lenders
  • Ability to input notes and send messages directly onto the portal
  • Ability to view and upload documents

IDyou is a mobile app that allows brokers to conduct a verification of identity from anywhere on any device. It is also the only VOI app in Australia that has inbuilt video call functionality to support the remote verification of identity during COVID-19 restrictions.

What makes MSA National different to their competitors?

MSA is the only legal services provider that has the full suite of technology to provide an end-to-end solution for lenders and brokers.

FIRST to launch a VOI mobile app for mortgage brokers with both in-person VOI and remote VOI.

FIRST to launch DigiDocs, a white-labelled, sign anywhere, anytime and any device e-sign solution, in October 2016.

FIRST to launch a personalised video CX solution that is revolutionising the customer experience.

“Mortgage processing is all we do. This singular focus allows us to develop customer journeys and software programs which are market-leading. Our technology may provide the speed, but it’s our people that provide the soul of what we do. This is why they are known for legendary service.”


What are your key product/service features?

 IDyou app: There are two simple steps to set up a new account, visit: www.idyouapp.com.au

 DigiDocs: Most trusted and widely used e-sign solution since October 2016. Lead time: 6-8 weeks.

 MyVideo: Lead time: 8-10 weeks. MSA’s exclusive personalised video CX solution that boosts customer engagement from 15% to 80%

 LoanTrak: Instant set-up. It is a shared workspace for collaboration between MSA, lenders and brokers.


How do you think the current climate has affected the industry?

The new pandemic era has impressed upon regulators in all states and territories the need to fast-track paperless documents and paperless settlements.

Brokers more than ever require solutions to allow them to deal with customers remotely via video conferencing. And MSA has all the tools for them to do so.

For more information, visit www.msanational.com.au 

The digital future for mortgage brokers
pic at msa reception
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pic at msa reception
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