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5 ways to spend less time writing more loans

  ways to spend less time writing more loans graphic

  ways to spend less time writing more loans graphic
CashDeck 3 minute read

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The more efficient you are, the more time you have for potential clients – and the more secure your business becomes into the future. Here’s a quick run-down of a few great ways to help free up your day.

1. Bank Statement Retrieval

Perhaps one of the most time-consuming parts of a broker’s day is chasing down bank statements and other documents needed for a loan application. Doing this manually you’ll find yourself chasing the information for days or weeks, slowing down the entire process.

Credit Ready from CashDeck is a great tool offering secure bank statement retrievals in minutes. From a secure platform with bank level encryption, you simply invite your client via email or text. Your client authorises the provision of their statements in a simple process that takes less than a couple of minutes and, voila—official bank statements are received and stored securely.

If you’re looking for ways to automate the collection of other documents, Ezidox and FileInvite are document collection platforms that will allow your customers to upload documents and enter their own data, saving you the effort.

2. Automated Living Expense Analysis

Analysing a client’s spending is a critical piece of the compliance puzzle, but doing it manually can be time-consuming not to mention mind-numbing. CashDeck’s Credit Ready tool can automatically generate a Living Expense Analysis and Responsible Lending Report at the same time as bank statements are being retrieved.

In simple terms, your clients’ transactions are retrieved, categorised and reported on inside an easy to use Excel spreadsheet. The report will show you expenditure across a broad range of categories and also highlight areas you might need to pay more attention to such as gambling or undisclosed debts. This simple tool can save you hours of time per loan application.

3. Storing and Editing Documents

If you’re not using a document collection platform, you’ll need to make sure the documents you receive are stored in an easily accessible, secure place. Luckily there are several safe, reputable storage platforms that will take care of that for you. 

Dropbox is perhaps the most recognised name in easy-access cloud storage. Simple and reliable, it’s the forerunner in this space. If you’re into the simplicity of Google, Google Drive is a straightforward solution that will automatically pop up as a place to save your files if you use Gmail.

Accessing and editing the information in a client’s documents can also save a heap of time and ensure accuracy in admin. PDF Filler and Nitro PDF will both allow for the editing, review and signing of PDF documents—all easily accessible online.

Consider PDF Filler and Docusign if you’d like to offer your clients an uncomplicated e-signature service.

4. Time Management

Organising your time around ever-changing meetings and chats with your clients can be a headache if you’re not on top of it. Making sure you keep things up to date while being able to edit times on the go is crucial to keeping it professional.

Calendly will allow your clients pick a time in your calendar with just a couple of clicks—an effective tool for both individuals and teams. 

For a free app with lots of features try Appointlet. It lets you create a simple booking availability page to share directly with clients, allowing them to book different types of appointments. You can even buffer them so you’re not over-booked.

5. Meet and Market with Video

If you’re finding it hard to get together with your clients and a phone call doesn’t quite cut it, video conferencing can be the answer. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, there are lots of options out there that you and your clients will find easy to use.

join.me is a simple app that offers a personalised URL with a branded interface so your clients know who they’re talking to. Instant screen sharing means that it’s all fast and easy for your clients to meet with you. Zoom offers similar features, with their webinar option allowing up to 100 video participants.

If you’d like to create your own video to add to your website or email marketing, Camtasia is a super-easy option. Just upload your images and sound and it allows you to add text, transitions, captions and effects inside the app.

Video is certainly the best way to reach your audience these days. However, if you’re putting your video on social media, it’s important to know that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound so it’s best to add captions. You can do this quickly and inexpensively using Rev.com.

These are just a few of the ways you can improve your productivity. Give them a go and you’ll be surprised at how much time is freed up for building your business when you integrate technology to give you a hand.

If you’d like a screen sharing demo of CashDeck’s statement and living expense retrieval service feel free to get in touch.

5 ways to spend less time writing more loans
  ways to spend less time writing more loans graphic
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  ways to spend less time writing more loans graphic


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