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4 Ways Accrue Real Estate’s Short Listing Service Can Help Your Client’s Investment Strategy

Accrue Real Estate 4 minute read

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There’s no question that a strategic alliance between a mortgage broker and a short listing property service, such as Accrue Real Estate, can dramatically increase property investment outcomes for all parties involved. Adding to this success is the rigorous process Accrue Real Estate uses when developing the client’s preferred property shortlist.

Benefiting Clients through Accrue’s Property Decision-Making Process

Accrue Real Estate applies a robust approach to property selection, ensuring clients end up with the right property for them. The following is an overview of Accrue’s strategic property investment decision-making process.

  1. Envisioning

Stage 1 at Accrue Real Estate involves identifying the vision that the client has. It also includes developing the goals, a plan and objectives to achieve these goals. The mortgage broker is also a core component at this stage – contributing to a realistic vision, feasible budget and the benefits that pre-approval provides.

The envisioning stage is invaluable to both experienced and newbie investors. As Jeff Grochowski, Principal at Accrue Real Estate, states “we help clients regardless of property knowledge who can be overwhelmed by choosing the right property for them and going through the complexities of a property investment purchase.”

  1. Planning

The second stage involves taking the client’s vision and working out how to get them there (i.e. strategy), simultaneously helping them to avoid common property mistakes, pitfalls and risks.

During this stage, Accrue Real Estate will look at the type of property that best suits the client’s vision. Accrue considers best allocation and how to achieve strategic outperformance (i.e. strategic and tactical allocation). Accrue Real Estate clients are only shown quality properties that meet proven criteria for investment performance.

To identify potential properties for our clients, Accrue Real Estate uses stock selection suitability criteria. Due to close industry relationships, many potential properties introduced are not yet publicly listed, with clients gaining first access to prime property / best locations.

  1. Dealing

In this stage, Accrue Real Estate shortlists preferred properties for the client, conducts research, undertakes a comparative analysis of each, and does a financial analysis for issues and opportunities. The mortgage broker is also instrumental in advisory and shaping the structure of the funding terms.

Accrue Real Estate is transparent, supplying clients the rationale behind properties shortlisted. If applicable, a portfolio impact assessment is preformed to identify how the potential purchase might impact the rest of the client’s portfolio (e.g. funding structure).

As Jeff Grochowski, Principal at Accrue Real Estate, explains “Accrue’s strength lies in our business attitude towards purchasing property. The right investment property is not necessarily one the client would choose to live in. This also applies to locations that might not otherwise have been on the client’s radar but end up being a prime investment opportunity.”

  1. Executing

The final stage involves the client’s property selection from the preferred property shortlist. Accrue Real Estate then saves the client a lot of time by managing the entire negotiation, exchange, due diligence and paperwork.

Accrue Real Estate introduces clients to experienced property managers post-purchase, ensuring reputable tenants. Annual property reviews are conducted to outline growth within the property location.

By using a methodical and objective decision-making process when it comes to helping the client choose the right property, Accrue Real Estate contributes to a robust property investment strategy that significantly benefits the client, mortgage broker and all other parties involved throughout the transaction.

About Accrue Real Estate

Accrue Real Estate is a property Short Listing Service – working with a range of industry professionals and introducing clients to suitable properties that align with their financial goals. Accrue Real Estate is South Melbourne-based with particular inner suburban and suburban market knowledge. With strong industry relationships, Accrue Real Estate has access to early picks on new projects and prime locations.

Accrue Real Estate is available 24/7. You can contact Accrue Real Estate on 9696 0085 or email your enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4 Ways Accrue Real Estate’s Short Listing Service Can Help Your Client’s Investment Strategy
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