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Six steps to create a positive mindset

by Pat Mesiti11 minute read
Six steps to create a positive mindset

I talk about mindset a lot. Why? Well let me ask you a question: What are your expectations?

Now, in my experience, all of us have what I call a chatterbox inside our head. It’s the white noise that goes on inside of us which constantly talks to us. Most of the messages we get from this are highly unproductive. As a matter of fact, it seems like there is a constant bombardment of doubt, fear, stress, anxiety or desperation pounding us into submission, and it seems that no matter what age or level we are in life, these mental blockages can plague us. Many people can’t live in their future because of past failures. These failures show themselves in fears and phobias.

You see, your mindset is created through your personal experiences of life – and for you, these experiences have become law. Basically your expectations become set in stone. They become rigid boundaries which confine you to one mode of thinking and all future judgements are weighed up against what you know from your past – both negative and positive.

Most of us during our journey of life collect the negative experiences and subconsciously define ourselves by them. Often times our past anesthetises us to our future. It seems like we take one step forward and three steps back. We feel like the elephant in the circus – big and strong, but immobilised by a small rope tied to a picket.


So what can we do to overcome this?

1. Realise that you’ve got to control the chatter. By taking charge of your ‘self-talk’ and changing it to be more encouraging and uplifting you can reprogram your thinking.

2. You’ve got to replace the chatter with something new. Your future prosperity lies within the confines of your mind; the hardware of negativity will not only be altered by the software of change but also by personal growth and input… and of course educating yourself.

3. You must realise that your mistakes are an event, not a permanent condition. Failure is not the end; it’s simply the new launch point for your next attempt.

4. Your past is your past. You cannot undo the past. What you can do is learn from it and rebuild. Look objectively and ask yourself, ‘What good can come out of my negative past?’ Think about it and write it down. Figure out what the upside is to your downside. There really is a lesson here if you look for it.

5. Begin to set strategic goals and plans in place and have someone hold you accountable to them. Find a positive environment. Find a place where you can be inspired. Friends can inspire you, seminars can inspire you, even strangers can inspire you in the right circumstances. So dive in and siphon as much as you can out of it.

6. Listen to CDs, and read books and educational material. By filling your mind with knowledge from sources like these you can help yourself overcome your mental blockages.

So, what are your expectations? As you can see, what we expect is what we get. Perhaps it’s time to pick yourself up, shake off your past and embrace your future. Only you can fulfil your dreams. Don’t let mental blockages stop you from reaching your truth.

Remember, your destiny is yours alone!

Pat Mesiti, consultant

Pat’s is an expert in the field of inspiration and creating a millionaire mindset. He specialises in business development, executive mentoring, international speaking, self-development, relationships, and accelerated mental and emotional transformation. For more than 35 years, Pat has worked and shared the stage with speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Donald Trump, Denis Waitley, Dr John Demartini, Sir Richard Branson and Mark Victor Hansen. Pat is committed to helping raise 10,000 millionaires through his works.

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