Will Hamer: Driving success for Asset, Vehicle and Equipment Finance

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Will Hamer, Asset Finance Broker and Managing Director of Hamer Asset Finance and Loan Market Accelerate, shares his unique journey from mechanic to finance industry leader. With a deep-rooted passion for cars and a keen eye for business development, Will has successfully transitioned into a role that merges his interests with his entrepreneurial ambitions, setting strategic goals for significant growth and community engagement over the next five years.

How did you start down this career path?

My journey into this career really began from my background as a mechanic, which I did for a decade, followed by working as a diesel mechanic repairing heavy equipment and machinery in the Gold Mines in Kalgoorlie. In 2012, I was ready for a shift away from the trades, and it was actually a good friend Dean - a fellow Director in the finance industry who steered me in a new direction. Knowing how much I loved cars but also recognising my desire for a change, he suggested I consider a position in the finance/banking industry, specifically dealing with car loans. I took his advice and applied to ANZ/Esanda in their car loans department. I started off in customer service for about six months before moving into loan writing, which I found I really enjoyed. After spending four years there, I joined a small asset finance business. Eventually, in 2018, I took the leap to start my own asset finance business, Hamer Finance. It's been an unconventional path, but each step has taught me a lot and led me to where I am today.

What inspires you in your role/industry? Why?

What really motivates me in my role is the chance to stay connected with the automotive industry, which is a true passion of mine. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to combine this interest with my entrepreneurial spirit. It’s rewarding to combine my enthusiasm for cars with my desire to assist others in starting and growing their businesses and providing knowledgeable advice about cars and heavy equipment.

The decision to join the Loan Market family with Hamer Finance in 2018 marked a significant turning point for me - thank you to Nicole F for the push. This inspired me to launch my second business venture, Loan Market Accelerate. There, I’ve had the good fortune to meet my current business partners, who are mortgage brokers. Together, we saw an opportunity to create an asset finance business that focuses on nurturing community ties of Loan Market and establishing referral partnerships with mortgage professionals, a shift from my initial venture, Hamer Finance, which primarily engaged directly with business owners and individual consumers.

I feel genuinely lucky each day to be able to contribute positively to both businesses and individuals through our specialised services. This journey of merging personal interests with professional goals has been deeply gratifying, and I’m thankful for the opportunities and the people I’ve met along the way.

What's your approach to customer service that separates you from the rest?

Our approach to customer service really sets us apart because it's rooted in a deep understanding of assets, equipment, machinery, and cars. We go beyond just the numbers and finance; we offer knowledgeable advice about the assets themselves. It’s not just about securing the right finance; it’s about ensuring that our clients get the perfect car that suits their family or lifestyle, or a piece of equipment that suits their business operations.

We're not focused solely on completing transactions; we genuinely care about assisting our clients in making the best choices for their growth and needs. Having built my own businesses from the ground up, I find it especially rewarding to help other people and businesses expand and succeed. It’s a truly gratifying aspect of what we do.

How do you innovate and stay ahead of industry trends?

Our deep interest and passion for cars and equipment naturally keep us ahead of industry trends. This specialisation provides us with a significant advantage as we deeply understand both the industry and its people. We stay informed about key developments, from stock availability to delivery timelines of specific vehicles or brands. This knowledge enables us to swiftly incorporate these insights into our business and services, ensuring we stay at the forefront.

Being part of Loan Market with Accelerate Asset Finance has been instrumental in allowing us to adapt continuously with industry trends. We have focused our business model on developing strong relationships with referral partners and helping mortgage brokers broaden their service offerings. By informing them about our expertise and how we can benefit their clients, we avoid missing opportunities and instead create a foundation of trust.

This strategy has not only strengthened our network but has also provided us with invaluable feedback. Our partners tell us what's working, what's not, and offer insights on how we can refine our services from a mortgage perspective. This ongoing feedback is crucial as it keeps us relevant and responsive, enabling us to swiftly adapt to the changing dynamics of the finance industry.

What is the toughest challenge you've faced in your role? How did you overcome it?

One of the biggest challenges I've experienced was growing my business from just me to a larger team and moving from being a sole finance broker to the Managing Director. The transition from working alone in my home office to overseeing operations for a team of brokers and support staff in a new office space was a big change. Additionally, I wasn't just managing one, but two different businesses at the same time. Each business had its own way of working, its goals, and specific needs, which made the situation even more complex.

To manage this transition, I focused on building a solid team. Interestingly, many team members are close friends whom I deeply trust. This brought its own challenges and risks, especially in ensuring I was not only fostering a positive work culture but also maintaining a professional environment where everyone could thrive. The pressure was high because I felt a personal responsibility for their career success. This meant making sure the business performed well so they would benefit too.

I overcame these challenges by working diligently to create a workplace culture centered on camaraderie and the shared goal of wanting to come to work and be part of the team. It was about taking risks, hard work, and a commitment to seeing everyone succeed. The mantra that if the business wins, they win, became central to our operations. It's been a journey of learning and adaptation, but ultimately, very rewarding.

What are some of your goals for the next 5 years?

Over the next five years, my goal is to develop two successful and award-winning businesses that become attractive workplaces for other finance brokers. Part of this growth strategy involves acquiring an office space to establish a more permanent base and launching a creative project; a podcast that delves into asset finance and car-related topics such as reviewing both popular and new vehicles, positioning Hamer Finance as the go-to for all things in asset finance, cars, and vehicles. At the same time, I plan for Loan Market Accelerate to evolve into a robust referral partner to many in the LM space. I plan to assist in educating but empowering Loan Market mortgage brokers to expand their service portfolios. By providing asset and equipment finance options, we can help them serve their clients more comprehensively, turning potential missed opportunities into successful transactions. This holistic approach aims to foster growth and enhance service capabilities across both ventures.

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