Rohit Lakhotia & Joshua Martin - Finance Simplified: Inside Efficient Capital Solutions' Journey and Vision

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Founded in 2020 by industry veterans Rohit Lakhotia and Joshua Martin, Efficient Capital Solutions emerged from a shared vision to simplify the complex world of finance for businesses and households. Below, we delve into our core values, customer service approach, innovation strategies, and future goals.

When and how did your business start?

Both the owners, Rohit Lakhotia and Joshua Martin, had extensive experience in Westpac Business Banking working as Relationship Managers in the Commercial Banking segment. Most recently until 2020, Rohit was working as Regional Manager for the SME Business Development Team and Joshua as Senior Banker within the same team.

As the industry was trending towards higher broker involvement across all types of finance, Josh and Rohit both left their positions at the bank and started Efficient Capital Solutions in 2020.

The aim was to assist customers in what was becoming an increasingly complex finance environment, with a steep desire to assist businesses and households navigate through complex and volatile economic conditions. Our business seeks to implement a Relationship Model where we are connected to our customers over the long term, not simply to assist with one loan and move on.

"Efficient Capital Solutions" isn’t just the name of the business, it is what we aspire to be. This means being efficient in how we operate, and also extends to making capital working efficiently too. Finance is a scarce resource thus by using capital efficiently a business can maximise its profits or a household can increase its wealth. Solutions and Capital Solutions are about finding ways to make sure that we can generate positive outcomes for our customers and thinking outside of the box so we can get to a Yes.

What are the key values the company inspires within it's staff?

Relationship driven – we want to forge long lasting relationships with all of our customers and aspire to be trusted advisors. Staff are empowered to make decisions that will leave a positive impact on customer relationships and this is prioritised over financial outcomes.

Client value creation – finance solutions are integral to creating wealth, when helping clients we acknowledge that we can play a key role in building their wealth. We respectively challenge the decisions of customers if we can see that this might be detrimental to their long term financial goals.

Commitment to customer service – our motto is "helping you is our business" and we stick to this every day. We go the extra mile to help our customers and have staff at every step of the way to make the finance process as easy as possible.

Excellence – we set high personal and company standards, and then consistently try to exceed them.

Integrity – being honest and conducting business with the highest ethical standards.

What's your business's approach to customer service that separates you from the rest?

Our customer remains central to everything we do and our priority is to help them. We always have capacity and have enough staff, so we never have to compromise on service. We do not give up until we find a solution, and we focus on the best option for the client, instead of the easiest option for the broker. We workshop every deal within the team and collaboratively work on the best solution for the client.

As a result of our customer centric focus, over 60% of our loans written in the last financial year have come through direct customers/referrals. Customer retention has been extremely strong where we have not lost a single customer due to our excellent service or interest rate.

How does the business innovate and stay ahead of industry trends?

The business stays connected with industry trends through information that comes from our aggregator Finsure, the FBAA and publications such as the advisor.

The business has steadily expanded from a headcount of 2 at inception to 10 staff now, by creating capacity all team members have the ability to balance day to day work with challenging themselves to learn new skills. By having a workforce that is empowered to be proactive, the business is able to adapt to challenges as they arise.

The operations of the business are constantly reviewed, investment in either systems, technology or staff, or all 3 are made proactively so that the business can be continually evolving to meet the needs of our growing clientele.

As an example, in the start up phase of the business there was not a need to have a high investment in ongoing customer management. As the business now has a large existing customer base there are staff dedicated solely to ongoing customer management which includes proactive pricing management and advising on opportunities for additional lending.

What is the toughest challenge your business has faced the last 2 years? How did it overcome this challenge?

Staffing and the ability to attract and maintain high quality staff remains an ongoing challenge. Just like the business has a long term view with its clients, the business seeks to create long lasting relationships with its staff. As a relationship focused business, customers want to have long term relationships with the people in the business so employing staff that share the same values of excellence and integrity are crucial to the ongoing success.

The business has a view to 'hire slow' and this is also one of the reasons that staff are employed in advance of the future need. By onboarding staff to create capacity the business can ensure that the right team members are hired which avoids the need to simply employ people to help with a backlog of work.

To assist with the growing team the business recently moved into a larger office where there remains scope for further growth!

What are the business's goals for the next 5 years?

Business Goals for the Next 5 Years: Over the next five years, Efficient Capital Solutions aims to solidify its position as a trusted advisor in the finance industry. Our primary goal is to further expand our client base while maintaining our unwavering commitment to customer service and integrity, and improving NPS. We aim to enhance our service offerings, leveraging technology and innovation to streamline processes and provide even more efficient capital solutions. Additionally, we aspire to continue growing our team strategically, nurturing talent that aligns with our values and vision. Ultimately, our goal is to become the go-to destination for businesses and households seeking expert financial guidance and personalized solutions.

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