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How non-bank lenders like Assetline Capital are bridging the gap for brokers and borrowers in a climate of rising rates and low supply.

Flexibility. Agility. Breathing room. In a property market that moves with speed, we are often told that these are luxuries. Now, they are luxuries that Assetline Capital is delivering to borrowers with their bridging finance product Clinch Bridging Loans.

With rates from 7.99 per cent p.a. and loan terms up to 12 months, Clinch Bridging Loans help Australians fund their property with fast, flexible bridging finance, conditionally approved in under 24 hours.

To learn how Assetline Capital’s bridging finance product assists borrowers, we speak with Royden D’Vaz, head of sales and distribution.

“Buyers are choosing bridging loans like Clinch because this product allows them to fully realise their potential, minus the fuss and compromise,” says D’Vaz. “We designed this bridging product to mitigate the typical setbacks and pitfalls that arise during the sale of a property.”

A Clinch Bridging Loan is designed specifically for property owners who need to buy before their existing property is sold or renovate their current property to capitalise and secure the best possible sale.

D’Vaz explains: “We’ve chosen to introduce a bridging product that is facilitated by brokers and also available direct to borrowers, as we are seeing how the benefits of bridging finance can be utilised in this economic climate and for our ageing population.”

Benefits include taking the pressurised nature out of the selling and buying process, allowing borrowers to purchase the home they want and giving them loan flexibility when downsizing. Borrowers can buy themselves time, without costing them their long-term goals.

Reach goals without compromise

Property owners looking to buy and sell typically have a clear picture in mind of what they want to achieve: the kind of property they want to buy, how much they want to sell an existing property for, and how much they want to spend on a new one.

“Whether or not someone’s property goals are met can have a significant impact on their quality of life,” says D’Vaz. “Especially in 2024, with uncertainty around rising RBA rates and a cost-of-living crisis that makes saving a real challenge for Australians at all stages of life. We’re particularly seeing this affect downsizers, who want to get into smaller homes or care facilities quickly but are delayed by the need to sell first to access funds.”

The problem is that a dynamic property market moves at its own pace.

Without support, buyers are often forced to move their financial goalposts and hence compromise their ultimate goals. This can result in dissatisfaction, regret, or personal crisis.

“Bridging finance like Clinch can help to preserve the goals of our borrowers, without the compromise. In the face of buying and selling, buyers are often told by traditional lenders and advisers that ‘it is what it is’, and that compromises are required. Some also only offer bridging finance options to existing clients,” stresses D’Vaz.

“We don’t think that should be the case. How? Our case-by-case assessment, an expert finance team and with flexible bridging products like Clinch. Buy what you want when you want.”

Get loan term flexibility

It’s one thing to obtain bridging finance, but making it happen quickly is another. Renowned for its fast and flexible turnaround times, Assetline Capital aims to take the pressure off and make it easier for both brokers and borrowers to get the deal done. With a streamlined digital application form, borrowers can receive conditional approval in under 24 hours.

D’Vaz notes: “We don’t just want buyers to get ahead of the curve, we want them to stay there. A secure short-term solution should never lead to long-term instability.”

As an experienced non-bank lender, Assetline Capital offers a range of short-term capital and bridging solutions with competitive terms. Clinch Bridging Loans challenge the industry-wide tendency to take advantage of time-pressed buyers with unreasonable parameters and fine print.

“With a Clinch Bridging Loan, every stage of the process happens when it’s supposed to. We get the deal done right. Our dedicated sales team across the country work alongside brokers and borrowers to smooth out processes and timelines through fast, flexible and effective lending solutions,” says D’Vaz.

Royden D’Vaz
Head of sales and distribution

A leading Australian non-bank lender, providing capital with certainty, at market-leading speed for business and SMSF...

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