Why you should be using Credit Fix Solutions to write more loans

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Credit Fix Solutions offers a value-add solution that can help boost your scale of efficiency when it comes to dealing with credit reports and credit repair.

Why should you be using Credit Fix Solutions?

  1. They were built for brokers.

Founder and CEO Victoria Coster established Credit Fix Solutions in 2014 after seeing a gap in the market when it came to brokers needing support in regard to credit reporting education and honest and fair credit repair services.

  1. They are a licensed credit repair firm AND a law firm.

Not only was Credit Fix Solutions the very first credit repair firm to receive a debt management licence via ASIC in 2021, but their founder and CEO Victoria Coster also established Credit Fix Lawyers in 2019 to offer free legal advice on credit reporting for brokers and their clients.

  1. Credit Fix has an 'Education First' focus.

At the end of the day, as a broker, if you have credit report questions, you just want them answered. Can something be fixed? What does RHI mean? What's the Veda 1.1 Score? All you want is a fast response. And that's what you'll get from Credit Fix Solutions. Email them a credit report and you will have a response in 1 to 2 business hours so you can quickly move on with your work. Credit Fix BDMs offer online and in person training sessions so you can keep up to date with your credit reporting knowledge.

  1. They have a strict deferred fee policy.

Do you want clients paying fees to a credit repair firm without a result? Since its inception, Credit Fix Solutions only charges fees once they obtain a successful result in fixing or improving a credit report.  Unless they see value in your client fixing their report, they won't take on the case, and won't waste your time.  If you need to write a non-bank loan, or your client doesn't have time for credit repair, Credit Fix Solutions will let you know so you don't lose any business.

  1. With over 8 years experience, founder and CEO Victoria Coster personally handles all written negotiations on your clients' behalf. She has successfully removed 1000s of negative listings from credit reports over the years.
  1. Using Credit Fix will save you time!

Do you really want to spend an hour educating each client on credit reporting? Do you have the patience to explain that there are 3 different credit reporting agencies in Australia? Let Credit Fix do this for you! They could save you HOURS every week that you could use to spend on other things.

 And just one more reason why you should be using Credit Fix? 

.....You get to WRITE MORE LOANS!

On average, brokers using Credit Fix Solutions write at least 1 more loan per month. Imagine that? 12 more loans per year...that's a pretty great deal!

What can Credit Fix Solutions do for you?

  • Educate you and your team on credit reporting (zoom and in person with BDMs)
  • Give you CPD points (1 hour monthly zoom AMAs with quiz – Yes you can win a prize!)
  • Save you time educating your clients on credit reporting (educational material provided)
  • Remove unfair defaults & court actions
  • Amend RHI and remove enquiries

What's their process and how do you refer to them? 

  1. Email Credit Fix an intro email with your client looped in, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. Our Scenarios Consultants carry out a free assessment with your client (phone & email).
  3. They will then accept or decline & loop you in on the assessment within a couple of hours.
  4. Upon acceptance, an electronic application is emailed to your client to sign.
  5. You are notified via email of acceptance and that they have started work.
  6. $110 ref comm paid (that's to you if your client comes on board).
  7. They do their magic in 3 to 8 weeks, providing weekly updates to you AND your client (& good news in-between!).
  8. They send you a shiny new credit report and your client now thinks you’re a superhero!!

Get in touch with Credit Fix Solutions today via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or check out the website at www.creditfixsolutions.com.au.

Why you should be using Credit Fix Solutions to write more loans
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