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Lender software on the horizon for Apple

by Jeremy Fisher7 minute read
Jeremy Fisher

There has been a global shift from PC to Apple’s operating system, but the banking industry – like much of the business world – has remained mostly on PC. This is beginning to change.

Lender software was initially created to be run on PCs, as the technology is familiar, cheaper and easier to manage, and there hasn’t been a strong reason to change. But although Apple products are more expensive, consumers seem happy to pay more for the design, enhanced security and ease of use. Lenders are taking notice and planning to create Apple-compatible software. None will want to be outdone.

Many brokers already use a mix of Apple and PC products. This will soon extend into the workplace as brokers will have the option to use either the Apple or PC version of a lender’s software. It may be the case that a broker prefers one platform over another for a particular application or lender, and in this situation, a broker could use both platforms. In the interim, brokers may choose to attend meetings with two devices such as an iPad and a PC laptop.

At 1st Street, each broker will evaluate all software options as they arise and choose the one they feel best suits them and their style. As the devices are compact and portable, I imagine that several of our brokers will choose to use a combination of both platforms and devices.

In a few years’ time, brokers will be able to have an exclusive choice of their preferred workplace technology – Apple or PC – so for brokers who love their Apple devices, the opportunity to use them for broking is on its way.

jeremy fisher
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