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Generating leads in your local community

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A loan writer whose local council named a street after him has outlined some valuable tips for brokers looking to generate more leads through better community engagement.

For the past five years, Mark Winter of Loan Market Greater Springfield has been giving back to his community through a range of initiatives, including golf days and cricket matches that support local charity Westside Community Care, family fun days featuring local dance ensembles and the establishment of two rugby clubs.

In honour of Mr Winter’s contribution, the suburb of Springfield in Queensland’s Ipswich named one of its streets after him.

While developing successful community campaigns might seem overwhelming for some brokers, Mr Winter said all loan writers can make a positive impact in their local area by following a few simple tips.


The first thing brokers should do is find out as much as possible about their community so they can identify which areas they should support, according to Mr Winter.

“What other businesses are supporting the community? How many schools are in your area? What are the local charities?” he said, but noted brokers should also be prepared to get their hands dirty.

“If you don’t have the money to contribute, you have time. If you don’t have the time, you usually have money,” he said.

“Choose one as a starting point. You might be surprised how valuable donating your time can be.

“Until your business is making decent money, time is your best asset – that’s what you can contribute, and that’s how I started."

Brokers “have got to be seen” and “have to be known” in order for their community initiatives to convert to new business, and Mr Winter recommends approaching local newspapers and radio stations to achieve this.

“If you’ve got a story to tell, a local journalist will usually listen,” he said.

Finally, brokers should be proud of their community initiatives, he said.

“Don’t shy away from recognition for your community work – the community will want to thank you,” Mr Winter said.

“Remember, you aren’t in it for the accolades, but always appreciate those who recognise you. The relationship will benefit from it.”

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