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Sintex: Commercial lending made easy

by Liz Shaw10 minute read

Sintex general manager Cathy Dimarchos explains how her company’s extensive support system allows even novice brokers to lodge a commercial lending application

Ever had the opportunity to write or refinance a commercial loan while helping a customer with their residential lending? It’s a great outcome if you can offer solutions for more than just a home loan.

Sending business away, or passing on an opportunity when it’s there for the taking, is the last thing that any business should be doing.

This is where Sintex can help you out.


We can be the ideal partner for your business, helping you increase your revenue, improve customer retention and expand your product offerings.

Sintex has been helping customers with commercial lending since 2004, all backed by the simple philosophy of ‘KISS’ – that is, Keeping It Simple.

Commercial lending does not need to be complicated or daunting – and at Sintex, we don’t want that, either.

If a customer wants a home loan, has a good credit history, satisfactory security and is able to service their debts, you wouldn’t let the chance to write the business go by.

So why should your client miss out when it comes to a commercial loan?

With Sintex, you can keep your clients. We have a flexible approach in which we can help you turn your opportunities into successful funding.

At Sintex, we ensure the experienced commercial broker enjoys a quick and transparent path – as does the most novice commercial broker, who receives:

  • Professional and personalised service every time
  • A credit officer who takes the time to examine your application, as well as allowing you to workshop or discuss a proposal
  • Simple credit policies written in plain English
  • A simple product, packed with features 
  • A simple and speedy approval process (decisions within 48 hours)
  • A long-term solution for your clients
  • At Sintex, we understand your business and have the people and industry experience to assist you in growing it.

Please give us call, and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

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