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What is your preferred area of lending?

by Peter Ellis10 minute read
What is your preferred area of lending?

Every now and then it is good to revisit where you are and where you want to go. There is a saying that you can "be everything to everyone", but have you really thought about what gives you that buzz of excitement?

It may be first home buyers, investors or SMSFs. If you know what your favoured area of lending is, have you planned for it and told your network of family, friends and community what you do and why you do it?

It's a bit like playing darts: you can spend ages aiming where you want the dart to go yet never hit the bull's eye or you can refine your approach, learn all you can about it, practice and focus and eventually you will get it.

When I decided on the area I wanted to specialise in and made a true commitment to it, the leads started rolling in and everything fell into place. Here's why:


1. Specialisation

It has allowed me to focus on one specific area of lending rather than trying to juggle many such as first home buyers, SMSFs etc. That means less of trying to be everything to everyone.

2. Knowledge

Even though I stay abreast of all lender offerings, I now mainly work with a core group of lenders and focus on understanding their policies well.

3. Efficiency

My marketing is refined to this one area, saving time and thoughts on how to attract new business.

4. Focus

We always hear about it and its certainly true: where you focus your energy, business will appear. It has for me.

You may define success by how many millions you settle each month or deals lodged. I define success as knowing I love what I do, that I can work as hard or as little as I want and that every day I make a difference.

There is nothing to say that what I am doing is the right way. All I know is that it is working for me, so if what you are implementing is not working re-evaluate your direction.

Peter Ellis, franchisee, Loan Market

Peter Ellis is a credit solutions specialist from Victoria with seven years’ experience who focuses on non-conforming lending. He realised a real need within Australia for a one-contract solution for individuals and families who have had a life event or not-so-clean credit history and want a way to end their financial frustration and pressures. He works with brokers from around Australia to make non-conforming a part of their business, whether by doing it with them or offering education and advice.


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