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Broker profile: Kathy Dundas, No Fuss Homeloans

Reporter 3 minute read

Kathy Dundas of No Fuss Homeloans explains why she switched to Connective

Why did you decide to switch groups?

It was a difficult decision for me. I joined my previous aggregator on entry into the industry, so that was just over 10 years ago and because I was new to the industry I thought I really needed someone who offered a good referral model so that I could build my business – that was the most important feature I was looking for back then.

Over time, because business has evolved, I just thought I no longer needed that referral program and with that referral program obviously it affects your commission splits so I thought I needed to look for a better option to suit my current business model.

What sort of support does your new aggregator provide?


They offer me as much or as little support as I need. 

These days support isn’t so much focused on assistance with structuring deals or dealing with lenders, because I’ve got good relationships with all the BDMs and the lenders that I use.

I guess what they offer me is support in streamlining my systems. They’ve got a really good software offering.

They’ve also got a really good marketing strategy which we’re currently in the process of setting up so we’re going to be emailing, SMS, social media – they provide a lot of tools for that.

Connective are a larger group than my previous aggregator and that has made a big difference. Their PD days are really valuable.

Having come from a small group, I guess their access to speakers was a bit limited, but at Connective I find their PD days really interesting. There’s a lot of value and it’s not just a bunch of lenders banging on about a product.

What sealed the deal?

It was a big decision for me to move because I’d been there for a long time and I looked at all the major aggregator groups and I just thought that Connective was the best fit.

The commission structure worked well, I really liked their Mercury system – it’s really good.

For me it’s important to have a good lodgement, CRM and a compliance platform and the fact that I can take my trail with me, should I choose to leave – that’s what sealed the deal.

Does this group attract a certain type of broker?

Not long after switching to Connective, I went along to their conference and that was my first opportunity to meet up with other brokers within the group. I met a lot because it was a big function and they were all from different backgrounds, so I met larger broker groups, sole traders and all types in-between.

They [Connective] seemed to be a group fit for most business models so I don’t know, maybe a more experience broker would be more suited to Connective.

I have to be honest, what really surprised me when talking to brokers, and even the lender reps at the conference, was that I didn’t come across anyone who had anything negative to say or who wasn’t happy. I just think that really made me feel like I made the right choice so perhaps they’re a good fit for most? It just depends on what you’re looking for.

What is the number one thing you look for in an aggregator?

If it’s just one thing, and I think it comes down to this with a lot of brokers, it’s just that security and peace of mind knowing that your trail is safe and it will travel with you if you move on.

I think that’s a really big issue with our industry: if we choose to move aggregators, it’s very difficult to leave your major income source behind – that would have to be the big one.

Also, the fact that they have the tools to get my business running and keep it running smoothly, and because they’ve got a really good support network – that was just icing on the cake. 

Broker profile: Kathy Dundas, No Fuss Homeloans
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