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Top tips from the broker industry winners of the Women in Finance Awards 2020

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WOMEN IN FINANCE MONTH: While women are still a minority in the broking industry, there are a growing number of female leaders in this space. We asked four of these leaders, recent winners of the Women in Finance Awards, their thoughts on what it takes to be a successful woman in finance.

Following on from Women in Finance Awards 2020, partnered by AMP Bank, we asked some of the winners in the mortgage and finance broking space what advice they would give to other female business leaders to help them succeed in this space. Here’s what they had to say...


‘Be proactive’


Andrea Roberts, Connective Broker Services
Winner: Marketing Professional of the Year

“My advice to women in the finance industry is the same as that for women in any industry: Don’t wait to become a leader. Actively reach for opportunities and promotions and let your opinions be heard. People value authenticity, strategic thinking and expertise, so showcase your knowledge and don’t be afraid to be visible and to contribute.

“Remember that staying positive and solutions-focused will help you in every interaction. And always assume best intentions and believe that everyone wants the best for the company.

“It is important to build a strong personal brand that is authentic and based upon integrity and passion to ensure you have a genuine impact within your industry.

“Know your values and look for ways to blend all areas of your life (business, family and self) aligned to these values.”



‘Find your ‘why’’

Joanna James, Mortgage Ezy
Winner: Principal of the Year

“Find your ‘why’ – when you know this clearly, you will be unshakeable in times of challenges.

“See yourself as the woman you are becoming, not who you are today, and give generously to others along the way. What you give returns tenfold.

“Finance is not just a numbers game – it is a place where people either create or destroy dreams. Be clear about who you are, listen actively and also be willing to be the only person in the room communicating an idea for consideration, especially if you believe it to be the best decision for the business.

“Great leaders are decisive. They make their minds up quickly and change them slowly. But they also know when to think things through before making a call. So, if you’re unsure, say nothing until you are.

“Remember, business is not personal. It’s perfectly OK to go home and shed some frustrated tears or do a few rounds with a punching bag. This doubles as a great workout, too.”


‘Believe in yourself’

Sue Hayter, Quality Financial Group
Winner: Mentor of the Year

“Believe in yourself. Have a good attitude. Work very hard. Never give up. You can make it!

“Practice ethical standards. Be brave and speak up if you see that something is not right.

“Always turn difficult situations into positivity. I live in Melbourne and have been in the COVID-19 lockdown for six months. I embraced the opportunity to write a book (to be released in January 2021) called ‘The Ultimate Secrets How to Love Your Life’, which explains how I view the world and how I got to where I am today.

“It is my wish that you will also be able to say to yourself, ‘I love my life’.”


‘Stay the course’

Pascale Helyar-Moray, Super-Rewards
Winner: Entrepreneur of the Year; Women in Finance Excellence Award 

“Female business leaders in finance tend to have started their careers in finance. They don’t necessarily come across from other industries. In which case, my message to those women in finance is to simply stay the course. The finance industry is slowly changing to become less male-oriented, even though the rate of change may appear glacial at times.

“There are increasingly more opportunities for women in finance – board roles, company composition, and a general heightened awareness of the need for more women in finance.

“I’m reminded of that old adage – you’ve got to be in it to win it. The same is true here: you can’t succeed as a woman in finance if you’ve stepped out of the industry.”


The month of November marks The Adviser’s Women in Finance month, as we profile some of the leading women in this industry. As well as the themed magazine, we’ll also be having female-centric podcasts and running profiles and content in the daily bulletin, too.

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Top tips from the broker industry winners of the Women in Finance Awards 2020
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