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Broker profile: Vishal Gupta, Unique Finance Services

by Francesca Krakue10 minute read
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How and why I decided to develop my own CRM

Developing your own CRM platform is no easy feat but after attending The Adviser’s Better Business Summit last year, Vishal Gupta got the boost of confidence he needed to go ahead and transform his business.

“We wanted to be able to manage our clients by loan applications in a system where you can look up one client and see all the loans applied for that particular client,” Mr Gupta says.

“You will be able to keep history-tracking of a client’s lending requirements and build an in-depth understanding of your client over time and build a long-term relationship. The intention is also to be able to manage reporting and managing our business more efficiently.”


Mr Gupta says the new platform is “user-friendly and provides the reporting we require running our business”.

“The intention of the CRM system is also to safeguard business intelligence and data integrity,” he says.

“Our CRM consultant and his team provide good support with testing and understanding our requirements.”

Mr Gupta says it takes significant time to develop a successful in-house platform.

“It does take time to build an in-house CRM system as it is done from scratch and, as many brokers know, time is of the essence,” he says.

“Being able to build business systems while managing the usual mortgage broker work can be challenging, [especially] when trying to assign time to develop business tools.

“It has taken us close to one year to design, map and [do a] user acceptance test.”

As far as benefits go, Mr Gupta says there are plenty that come with developing your own in-house CRM platform.

“We plan to gain the benefits of clearer client loan application status tracking, better reporting to manage our business efficiently, safeguarding business intelligence and data integrity, and being able to follow up on scenarios where it is easy to lose track if your business doesn’t have a CRM system [that covers aspects] like enquiries, off-plan transactions [and] pre-approvals,” he concludes.

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