In focus: Sam Ghoreyeshi



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In focus: Sam Ghoreyeshi

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Emerging technologies are enhancing communication in transactions involving foreign buyers

“As a whole the property purchasing system in Australia is one where there is a lot of disconnect between all the di¬fferent stakeholders. Everyone has their own vested interest and no one communicates,” Smartline’s Mr Ghoreyshi says.

“We have clients all over Australia and spread across the world throughout Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.”

Mr Ghoreyshi says that with such a diverse array of clients, technologies which consolidate information and facilitate communication and transparency are becoming a key tool for brokers.

His preferred service provider is Rundl, which was launched early last year by Lawlab, and is designed to help every player in the property transaction chain, including the buyer and vendor, keep abreast of the progression of all the various components involved in the chain. Users such as Mr Ghoreyshi say it is helping to dramatically reduce delays and bottlenecks in the process, and ensures a much smoother experience for everyone involved.


“Moving tasks from one stage to the next, without having to handhold, is something Rundl have made all the more simple. There’s no need for chase-ups and multiple phone calls as all parties have insight into where the process is at and are across anything that’s holding it up.

“We’ve been given access to a new communication tool that’s allowed us to stay on top of all parties and know where everything is at without having to keep chasing up stakeholders.

“Everyone can see communication come through in real time. This means if one of the team members misses anything, someone else can pick it up and respond immediately. The time we’re saving frees up valuable days where we can consistently improve quality of service and ensure clients are always happy with what we’re delivering.”

As well as making life easier for brokers, Mr Ghoreyshi says his clients are finding the use of a service like Rundl is removing a lot of the stress and the unknown.

“Traditionally clients’ perceptions have been that the only way to get the best service was through face-to-face meetings with all parties involved in a sale – this is no longer the case,” he says. “Most clients are heavily web-based these days and are using emails anyway to send important documents. As technology evolves so too do client expectations.”

In focus: Sam Ghoreyeshi
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