Overcoming the pitfalls of digital marketing



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Overcoming the pitfalls of digital marketing

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It’s regularly drummed into the minds of brokers – the benefits of embracing digital marketing to drive business growth. Yet what about the challenges and experiences of brokers already using this medium? We asked several brokers about their experiences...

“The time [is a challenge], and for me I love it but I get so distracted by it – I could spend all day on it having so much fun, but it doesn’t necessarily generate a lot of income-producing dollar time. Another thing is that it’s constantly changing and new gadgets, new widgets or whatever the word is, new add-ons that you can use: I adapt and I try and embrace it, but I’m not really savvy [on what is] about to come out in a month’s time. It takes me a long time to get my head around all that sort of stuff.”

Nicole Cannon Pink Finance

"I think you’ve got to be very careful with social media; you’ve got to be thoughtful with what you put up there, because it can turn against you in the same way. It hasn’t happened to me, but you’ve just got to be careful [because] it can work both ways. I don’t just post generic stuff … I just don’t think people want to hear that from me.”

Troy Davy Perth Mortgage Broker Group


“Make sure you make it a daily task in investing some time in networking, marketing and joining blogs on social media sites. This increases knowledge and knowledge is invaluable.”

Glynn Bruce Nationwide Capital and Chifley Securities

“I remember when the touch screen first came out and I thought “Maybe a few rich people will have those”. As soon as they came out, everyone had them, from teenagers right through. So you’d have to be blind to think that all those young people of today that are 18 to 20, in five to ten years’ time when they go to buy a property, or even if they’re 22 now and they’re going to buy a property, you just know that they’re going to be so well connected on Facebook and all these outlets. Chances are that’s where they may look for their finance brokers, so it’d be very naive to let yourself not be part of that.”

Robert Craig Astute Financial

Overcoming the pitfalls of digital marketing
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