How your personality can set you apart

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Resolve franchisee and broker Liam O’Donnell has looked at broking from both sides of the fence, having worked for an aggregator and now as a broker.

While Liam believes that all brokers are capable of delivering the same great outcomes for consumers, he says that the point of difference comes down to personality. For him, this cannot be expressed in an email or via the internet; hence, why he puts so much importance on face-to-face interaction.

In this episode of The Adviser’s Elite Broker podcast, Liam joins Annie Kane and James Mitchell to share how he delivers a premium service to his clients, how he set up his business and how he overcame the struggles that come with being a single operator.

You will also find out:

  • Why consistency in marketing is key to success
  • What made Liam decide to become a broker
  • How long it took for him to gain consistency in his income

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How your personality can set you apart
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