How Leah Busby became the big fish of diversification

Leah Busby, Blackfish Finance Leah Busby, Blackfish Finance
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Broker and director of Blackfish Finance Leah Busby is creating a name for herself as one of the leading mortgage brokers in Adelaide, with a string of awards attesting to her extensive knowledge and expertise, commitment to outstanding customer service and passion for meeting the needs of her clients.
In this episode of Elite Broker, Leah joins hosts Annie Kane and James Mitchell to speak about why she believes providing a holistic financial services offering is the key to success.

Leah also reveals how she balances being a mother and broker and her attitudes towards taking on unexplored financial territory.

Tune in to find out:
  • How she gets her clients excited about their goals
  • Why she believes that there is no client that she can’t help
  • The importance Leah puts behind having strong systems in place

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How Leah Busby became the big fish of diversification
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