Changing the game for long-term success

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Want to take your business to the next level? In this final blog of the series, PLAN Australia CEO Phil Quin-Conroy, reveals five top tips brokers can learn from athletes.

Throughout this series, I have been looking at what brokers can learn from top athletes and how they can apply these insights to their day-to-day business.

As our industry goes from strength to strength, competition is intensifying, and brokers need to adapt and evolve if they want to stay ahead. And we can learn a lot about this from our professional sporting friends.

In this final blog entry, I’d like to leave you with my top picks from the series, which should help you take your business to the next level.

Invest in training – Just as an athlete wouldn’t make it to the top without a coach, training and education is essential to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s updates on the lending and property markets, regulatory changes, or guidance on how you can better leverage technology in your business, training gives you a fresh perspective and ensures you’re abreast of the intel required to inform a successful business.

Harness technology –  Today, more than ever, technology can play a pivotal part in your business, driving back-office efficiencies and automating marketing initiatives. In addition, brokers have access to digital tools which can help them assess and analyse their performance, looking at their own track record as well as the industry as a whole.

Build your support network –  The journey to success is much harder without a quality support team. Are you doing enough to build yours? Advice from senior industry figures and top-performing peers can be invaluable when it comes to growing your business, offering you a fresh viewpoint, business counsel and ongoing support.

Your aggregator should provide you with a good support team, but it’s also up to you to build connections and schedule regular catch-ups with key contacts. Investing in relationships should be a core component of your business building.

Turn negatives into motivation – Feel you have missed an opportunity to invest or get an idea off the ground? Don’t be put-off by an initial setback - harness it as an opportunity to drive you forwards. The power of the mind is an incredible thing and this is certainly something successful athletes know how to master.

Harness your bench strength –  For your brokerage to be a success, it’s important to realise the value a good team will bring. Just as a basketball team can only win if they play as a united force, a business will only reach its maximum potential if each member of the team is working in cooperation and respect towards a common goal. Creating and driving a team spirit that transcends business divisions and geographical locations is fundamental to the health of any growing business.

Professional athletes are an inspiration for many of us, and it goes without saying, that their success is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication. If you treat your business with the same commitment, and take on the above tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving long-term success.

Phil Quin-Conroy is CEO at PLAN Australia.


Changing the game for long-term success
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