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Why brokers are ‘a provider of choice’

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An award-winning regional broker has highlighted how brokers are providing customers with not only a choice of lender, but also a choice of lifestyle.

Speaking to The Adviser, regional broker Brenden Lowbridge of Investor Loans Network NSW, said that the best thing about being a broker is about enabling people to lead the lives they want. 

He explained: “I honestly think that being a broker, we're really a provider of choice for people. That's what I think I am, and that's what I do. 

“So, that works on a couple of levels. On the surface level, that's their choice of lenders and lender products, which obviously empowers them [that] they've got a lot of options and a lot of ways for things to be structured.  


“But then on a deeper level, it's also a choice in life and lifestyle choice. I've got customers now that I've been working for, for six years, or in some cases maybe even a little bit longer, and they're now in a position where they've invested and built up a property portfolio, and now they've basically moved into retirement earlier than they expected. They're making a life choice where they're going to be living life on their own terms and living very comfortably because basically… I was able to assist them with that along the way. [I was] effectively providing them with that choice. That’s the best part.” 

The Newcastle-based broker, who has featured in The Adviser’s Young Broker of the Year and recently won Best Regional Broker at the 2017 Better Business Awards in NSW, has been vocal in promoting the broking industry as a profession. 

Speaking to The Adviser last year, Mr Lowbridge said: “I believe the stars are aligning for young brokers… I encourage the next generation to consider this industry as a career choice.” 

He added recently that he thought broking was “a really good industry” and encouraged those starting out in the sector to find a mentor.

He explained: “Like anything in life, that's probably critical. I think a mentor is very important. And then I think it's also just a matter of persistence. It's basically coming up with a strategy and then sticking to it, trusting the process, doing it every day.” 

While acknowledging that the money “isn’t very good at the start”, new brokers shouldn’t be disheartened, but “stick with it” to reap the rewards.

Mr Lowbridge said: “Trust in the process and find a mentor, and persistence will really pay off in the end. You've just got to keep turning up, and don't quit in the early stages because it gets easier and easier every year… 

“You can really surprise yourself with not only your income level, but how far you can come in what's still a relatively short period.”

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