New direct-to-voicemail tech breaks into broker channel
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New direct-to-voicemail tech breaks into broker channel

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A new technology provider, co-founded by Brisbane-based broker George Samios, aims to offer brokers a "new way of doing business" by providing them with a direct-to-voicemail client management and marketing service.

Trycall, a new fintech developed by Cameron Heasman in partnership with MADD Loans broker George Samios, enables brokers to record messages and send them out to their database as a voicemail message. 

The subscription-based service enables users to leave direct-to-voicemail messages or broadcasts, send out voicemails that can transfer back to the office/phone number, and undertake surveys. 

The system has been three years in the making by Cameron Heasman, a school friend of Mr Samios, and had been trailled by the Brisbane broker over the last 18 months. 

According to Mr Samios, the service enables users to stay in touch with all their clients with minimal effort.

Speaking to The Adviser, the MADD Loans broker explained: “We launched Trycall because my business was growing and it was hard for me to keep in contact with my clients… Unfortunately, we're so busy doing new business that we couldn't focus on the old business; but the old business helped us get where we are today, and I don’t want to ever forget about them.  

“So, I wanted to keep in contact with 100 per cent of our existing clients every time it was their birthday, every time their interest-only or fixed rate period expired, every year when they had a loan anniversary, every month when the RBA makes an announcement. But I have a $600 million loan book now and there is no way I can physically call everyone for all of these things. But doing it is a good thing.” 

Mr Samios continued: “So, we set up Trycall and now I can record five or six messages and then the system talks to my database and automatically sends the messages out at the right time (i.e., client birthdays, end of terms, loan status changes, RBA rate day, etc.) 

“Now, even though my business is getting bigger, my clients are still getting that personal service, those personal voicemails. And no one knows that I'm not individually calling them — but they are still getting that personal touch.” 

The direct-to-voicemail subscription service has only just launched to the wider market, but early adopters include Connective (brokers using Mercury can record a birthday message and it automatically gets sent out as a voicemail to clients) as well as brokers from Mortgage Choice and AFG. 

Financial planners from AMP and real estate agents have also reportedly signed up for the service. 

“It's a no-brainer,” Mr Samios said. “Why should only large companies have these features? Now small businesses can, too. 

“This is the future, the new way of doing business.”

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New direct-to-voicemail tech breaks into broker channel
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