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An expert’s simple digital marketing framework revealed

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Tamikah Bretzke 8 minute read

A digital marketing guru and guest speaker at the Better Business Summit recently shared her online marketing tips for brokers looking to attract and retain clientele.

Speaking to the Elite Broker podcast, Beth Powell outlined a “really quite simple” and “proven framework” called R.A.C.E that she often employs for her broking clients.

“R.A.C.E stands for Reach, Act, Convert and Engage,” Ms Powell explained.

“A lot of people now are taught this using the analogy of marriage [because] in marriage, you don’t have a date and then [the] next minute you’re married – there’s a process that happens in between that [and it’s] the same with marketing.”


The four steps of the digital marketing R.A.C.E framework include:

  • Reach

“You need to be able to be found – that’s your Reach stage,” Ms Powell told Elite Broker.

“I guess the first step we take is to say, ‘Well, let's just do a little review of what you look like online’.

“Any mortgage broker who has the time or inclination can do this themselves – just clear your cache, and do a search of yourself… and then you get a really good indication about what of your stuff is showing up or not.”

She added: “I think this is really important for brokers – being ready to reach means being really comfortable with your website and also your social media profiles.”


Ms Powell also noted that brokers could reach out to potential clientele in simple ways that allowed them to be “more easily found in search”, including the sharing of blogs on their site or videos to their YouTube channel.

“Rather than focus solely on SEO, focus on content and the kind of words that people who are looking for your special service would type in – so not necessarily your name, but those words,” she added.

  • Act

Ms Powell added that clients could benefit from “something of value” from brokers, including an educational e-book, guide, quiz or mini training series that they received in exchange for their email address.

“[The] next stage is where you’re looking for [their] email address – so you’re doing something a little bit more complicated,” she said.

“Somebody’s going to trade an email address and then you can start building on that relationship – they’re getting to know you, they like what you’ve got to offer.”

Ms Powell suggested: “In the R.A.C.E framework, I recommend that the first stuff you’re producing [for clients], you’re offering for free.”

“The Act phase is all about that kind of get-to-know-you period.”

  • Convert

“Obviously with the Convert stage, you’ve got to have that simple landing page – you’ve got to enable people to convert,” continued Ms Powell.

“So whatever that is – whether it’s getting in touch with you [or] whether it’s a form then that plugs into your MailChimp in the back-end or something like that.”

The digital marketer also noted that there were brokers forming membership clubs exclusive to their businesses that enabled potential clients and referral partners to sign up and follow their movement.

“There [are] a few mortgage brokers who are doing some really interesting things in that space,” she said.

  • Engage

Ms Powell added that after working to put the processes in place to attract new clientele, it was essential for brokers to turn their attention to nurturing and maintaining those relationships.

“You’ve worked quite hard to attract those clients [and] you want to retain them,” she said.

“Sure, I might only use a mortgage broker once and then I might not think about it for five years, but you want me, when I do think about it again, to be thinking about you.”

She explained how: “You've got to have the processes in place to just keep in touch, and that can be a combination of old-school things, like cards, postcards in the post, that kind of thing, but also good quality email.”

Better Business Summit 2017

Ms Powell will reveal more digital marketing strategies at the Better Business Summit, which will conclude in Perth on Thursday (16 March).

Partnered by NAB, the Better Business Summit is jam-packed full of practical business tools, training and business intelligence to help brokers build a more productive and profitable business.

As well as hearing from Ms Powell, brokers will also learn business strategy from the founder of one of Australia’s leading health and fitness brands, Michelle Bridges, as she leads a fascinating session on how she has built her brand and navigated roadblocks to create more sales opportunities and convert more deals.

Ms Bridges, who has previously praised the value of mortgage brokers, will also reveal how business leaders can perfect their profile, positioning and pitch to win more clients, more frequently.

In the afternoon, brokers will hear from neuro-linguistic programming expert and bestselling author Chris Helder, who will reveal the power of “useful belief” and impart real-world sales advice in a high-energy session that will teach brokers tactics for following up leads and closing more leads.

Leading economist Stephen Koukoulas will also provide attendees with key property and market information to help brokers give sage economic and financial advice to their clients, while James O’Loghlin, host of the ABC’s TV show The New Inventors, will unveil how brokers can innovate to be at the top of their game.

With limited tickets remaining, book your seat now to make sure you don’t miss out.

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An expert’s simple digital marketing framework revealed
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