Business leader says brokers could ‘go viral’

Business leader says brokers could ‘go viral’

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Renowned business educator Tony Gattari has highlighted the opportunity for mortgage brokers to become the trusted advisers of Australian small businesses.

Speaking to The Adviser, Mr Gattari said the great attraction to diversified revenue streams is increasing the frequency of transactions clients.

“So essentially going viral in many ways and actually looking at how you can develop a relationship with an SME organisation where you’re not selling a product but solving a problem, and understanding and articulating what that problem is and then coming back with solutions,” he said.

While it is easy in today’s burgeoning mortgage market for brokers to focus solely on home loans, Mr Gattari said brokers need to change their philosophy to become the trusted adviser of their clients.

“Understand exactly what your clients are looking for going forward,” he said. “It’s asking the right questions. There might be some great opportunities to go into an organisation and go viral and be that broker of finance across a broad portfolio of products.”

Mr Gattari is co-author of Pillars of Business Success and Marketing Success and has contributed as a key author to Secrets of Tops Sales Professionals Exposed and Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed. His articles are read by over 200,000 people every month.

He has also starred in a number of business training products and created and presented a business building program on cable TV.

“My passion is understanding that in any business you’ve got multiple streams of revenue,” Mr Gattari said.

“The essence is not to rely on one stream but have multiple channels that go into your business on a continuous basis.

“The highest cost of running a business is the cost of getting a lead. The great attraction to diversified revenue streams is to actually increase the frequency of transactions with your existing client base.”

Mr Gattari will be MC and keynote speaker at The Adviser’s upcoming New Revenue Streams boot camp in Sydney and Melbourne on 27 and 29 October respectively.

This exciting new event from The Adviser is presented in partnership with NAB Broker, Suncorp Bank and FAST, and is aimed at brokers looking to add additional revenue streams to their business in today’s changing market.

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Business leader says brokers could ‘go viral’
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