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MFAA shock: Phil Naylor quits

by John Batsick10 minute read

MFAA’s Phil Naylor has today announced he is quitting his role as the organisation’s CEO.

The announcement came this afternoon during the opening of the MFAA annual conference on the Gold Coast.

Mr Naylor’s resignation takes effect on 24th December 2014 and, as yet, no successor has been appointed.

In making the announcement, MFAA president Tim Brown acknowledged Mr Naylor’s 12 years in the job.


“Phil was appointed Chief Executive in 2002 when the MFAA (known then as the MIAA) was a small trade association with just 2,200 members. Today, the MFAA has over 10,300 members and is one of the most respected and professional associations in the finance/housing sector.”

“Phil has always actively and vigorously lobbied government regarding the role and relevance of brokers,” Mr Brown said. “From 2003 to 2007, Phil was a driving force to persuade state governments to work together to achieve uniform broker legislation.

“In the NCCP negotiations, he championed the case to ensure NCCP covered all sources of credit (not the original intention of brokers only) and to recognise the difference between credit and financial products.

“This enabled brokers to give credit advice under the NCCP Act rather than the more complex FSR Act.

“Phil and his team have built a strong and resilient organisation that is well respected within the industry and by government,” Mr Brown said.

Mr Naylor revealed the process to find his successor was underway and that he would play a part in that.