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Billion-dollar business brokerage targets JVs with industry stars

by Nick Bendel8 minute read
The Adviser

EasyBiz Finance plans to book another $500 million of loans per year by partnering with “hotshots” around Australia.

The Sydney commercial broker wrote $1 billion of loans in 2012/2013 and is forecast to hit $1.1 billion in 2013/2014, said managing director Dominic Lambrinos.

EasyBiz Finance wants to further boost its loan book through a series of joint ventures.

Mr Lambrinos told The Adviser he wants to recruit six “hotshots” in NSW, six in Victoria and two or three in each of the other states.


He forecast that the no-fee network would be established by the end of this financial year and would write $500 million of loans annually once it reached maximum efficiency.

Mr Lambrinos said EasyBiz Finance would train the platinum partners in business broking, and provide continuing technical and administrative support. The two parties would also exchange leads, he added.

Meanwhile, EasyBiz Finance will pursue ambitious growth in its referral network.

Mr Lambrinos said the 11-staff firm provides commercial broking services on an ad hoc basis to 900 mortgage brokers – but added that only 3 per cent of those brokers send in referrals each month.

EasyBiz Finance aims to boost its referral pool to 12,000 brokers so it can reach its referral targets, he said.