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10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Arrival, networking and morning tea

10:30 AM - 10:33 AM

Welcome from our MC

Hear from Kate herself:

Kate Aubrey
Kate Aubrey
Senior Content Producer,
The Adviser and Mortgage Business
10:33 AM - 10:43 AM

Principal partner introduction - NextGen

Renee Blethyn
Renee Blethyn
Head of Broker Partnerships,
10:43 AM - 11:43 AM

Brokerage blueprint: Build a sustainable, high-performing mortgage business from the ground up

Your brokerage business plan

A good foundation can set you apart whether you are in your first years of brokerage or just starting out.

Hear from James Veigli, internationally renowned broker coach who has helped mortgage brokers to double, triple and even 10 times their commissions, in record time, while building a business that works with or without them.

This session will give you tools to kickstart your career by understanding the essentials needed to build a high-volume business.

Key takeaways:
• Set an ambitious financial goal and reverse engineer it using the 10X Formula to understand exactly what's needed to achieve it.
• Discover the nine key areas of business, called the 10X Plan, you need to master to build your ideal business fast.
• Learn the exact building blocks you need, in the right order, to avoid the mistakes almost all brokers make.

Hear direct from James:

James Veigli
James Veigli
Founder and CEO,
Broker Profits Vault
11:43 AM - 12:08 AM

PANEL: New broker hot seat - surviving the first few years

Broker panel

The first three years have the ability to shape the rest of your career. Learn how some of Australia’s leading brokers navigated common pitfalls and thrived in opportunities within the first few years of their careers and how they built solid businesses from day one.

You will learn market-leading strategies, including:
• How to set a new broking business up for success.
• The fundamental business philosophies of Australia’s elite writers.
• Essential systems and processes for maximum efficiency.

Kate Aubrey
Kate Aubrey
Senior Content Producer,
The Adviser and Mortgage Business
12:08 PM - 12:13 PM

Fireside Q&A with Your Client Matters

12:13 PM - 12:58 PM

Networking Lunch

12:58 PM - 01:23 PM

10x your referral partner pipeline

Referral partnerships

Referral partners can have a huge impact on delivering strong flows of quality clients.

Financial advisers are among the most attractive referral partners — but what’s the secret to winning their trust and their clients?

This focused session reveals why financial advisers choose one broker over another, how to ensure that your proposition aligns best with their needs and the secret to winning their trust — and their client’s business!

• Start the conversation and identify networking opportunities to connect with wealth managers.
• Build a long-term partnership based on common goals and brand alignment.
• Avoid common mistakes when establishing and growing your referral partnerships.

Paul Glossop
Paul Glossop
Finni Mortgages
01:23 PM - 01:53 PM

New Broker marketing manual

Winning business | Digital marketing

Learn the top 10 most effective marketing techniques for building a strong web presence and position your business on the growth path from the start.

In this session, uncover strategies to:
• Build marketing campaigns on a shoestring budget.
• Create a successful digital ecosystem and make yourself visible.
• Master simple processes to accelerate your lead generation and identify potential clients and convert these leads.
• Manage ongoing client communications and ensure retention.

Dilek Saticieli
Dilek Saticieli
Business Growth Specialist,
Attraction Marketing
01:53 PM - 01:58 PM

Fireside Q&A with Pepper Money

01:58 PM - 02:23 PM

Sales strategies to win more business

Acquisition | Sales strategies

Solid sales fundamentals are essential to every successful broking business. In this session, you’ll discover the critical sales skills that will have a dramatic impact on your business.

Attracting and converting a high percentage of client enquiries are the bedrock of the best broking business.

In this session you'll learn how to:
• Create an attractive business – embed yourself in the community and build a stable referral pipeline.
• Broaden your customer base and build strong, repeat revenue streams.
• Elevate your pitch – how to win more business face to face.
• Crystallise your offering – future-proof your business by delivering comprehensive debt solutions to your clients.

Ruan Burger
Ruan Burger
Business Coach,
Success and Broker
02:23 PM - 02:28 PM

Concluding remarks from our MC

02:28 PM - 03:28 PM

Networking Drinks sponsored by Pepper Money