About the 2023 conference
Established Brokers

Ignite your business
Set yourself up for success with insights
on how to build a top-performing brokerage

As more Australians look for credit advice, how can you structure your business to ensure you are the broker of choice?

Implementing the right planning, processes, and marketing strategies from the outset will fast-track your success and ensure that your business is geared for growth.

The New Broker Academy delivers everything a broker needs to set their business on the right track from the outset. This packed event draws on the experiences of the most successful brokers, mentors, trainers, and educators to deliver blueprints for success.

Whether you’re in your first week, month, or years of broking, this hands-on event will deliver everything you need to prime your business for the outstanding opportunities that lie ahead.

You’ll discover how to connect with more prospective clients via strong referrals and through harnessing the latest marketing techniques.

We’ll reveal the secrets to building a successful operation from the ground up from those who have done it, hear from the latest technology innovators on the solutions that will multiply efficiencies, and demonstrate how to create a fanbase of clients.

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