Survey sheds light on couples’ banking habits

One in three couples keep separate bank accounts, new research has revealed.

According to a survey by comparison website, 36 per cent of couples prefer not to merge bank accounts, while 26 per cent have both personal and shared bank accounts.

Bessie Hassan, consumer advocate at, says the research shows a generational shift when it comes to joining finances.

“Baby boomers (aged 55 to 74) were the most likely to have shared accounts, with just over half (51 per cent) having a shared bank account,” Ms Hassan said.

“Generation Y (aged 18 to 34) were the least likely age group, with under a third (29 per cent) having a shared account.

“Generation X were most likely to hedge their bets by having joint and separate accounts (30 per cent).”

The survey also revealed that joint credit cards were the more popular option for those couples merging finances, with 25 per cent of respondents in a relationship having a joint credit card, compared to just 21 per cent who have a joint savings account.

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