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A new tool that allows users to work out how much money they can borrow while maintaining their lifestyle has been launc... Read Now

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The New Frontier

Home loan writing today is far more complex than it was a year ago, with more competition, limitations on growth, and ongoing inquiries into commissions. The Adviser delves into how the lending changes have affected broking businesses.


Mean Machine

Although swimming may have been Olympic silver medallist Michael Delany’s whole world for nearly half his life, there is more to the founding member of Australia’s original Mean Machine than precision tumble-turns. The Adviser sat down with Mr Delany to find out how he made his way from the Olympic podium to the top of the mortgage market


Third-Party Lending Report: Non-Major Banks

The results are in from the 2016 Momentum Intelligence Third-Party Lending Report: Non-Major Banks, and they reveal that the trends set in motion in last year's survey are still holding sway, but that the competition is heating up. Find out which non-major banks the broking industry considers the best, who has been giving the leading lights a run for their money, and how they’ve all been doing it…