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Upfront commissions totalled almost $1.2 billion over the past year driven by a “strong urge amongst lenders to use t... Read Now

Consistent and fast turnaround times, customer satisfaction and “high integrity” have helped Australia’s largest b... Read Now

Industry super fund-owned bank ME has said that brokers are providing over half of their home loans, and are “critical... Read Now

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The Fintech Boom

Fintech businesses are cropping up all over the place, eager to establish themselves as legitimate distribution channels and alternative lenders. The Adviser explores whether these new players are a friend and foe of the third-party channel.


Australian Brokers Awards 2016

The submissions have been completed and submitted, the finalists judged, the winners crowned and the roof has properly been raised – now all that’s left is to reflect on the success of all the 2016 Australian Broking Awards winners.


Delving into debtor finance

It seems everywhere you turn, aggregators and brokerages are pushing their partners to add another new revenue stream to their belt, with the rise of commercial and specialist lending brokers anything but subtle. But what about debtor finance?