Future rate hikes will bring “discussion, disturbance and opportunities” to the third-party channel, says one Sydney-based broker.

John Tindall, principal of Accumulus Holdings, believes that a rise in interest rates could spur a series of positive developments for the mortgage broking industry.

“In the last couple of years there’s been a huge wave of business generated by people wanting to buy homes and investment properties in Sydney. That wave is now starting to ease off,” he told The Adviser.

“The second wave is going to be refinancing, when people are looking to fix their mortgages when interest rates start to rise.”

According to Mr Tindall, the refinancing wave will be followed by a wave of equity restructuring driven by baby boomers seeking to put their home equity to good use.

“The third wave, which I don’t see happening for another few years, but I’m looking forward to down the track, would be where there’s been another few years of home equity in the baby boomers,” he said.

“They’ll be looking to get an investment property or help their kids, or get some other benefit out of their home equity which is currently paying them zero dollars.

“I think [a rise in interest rates] is going to generate a lot of discussion, disturbance and opportunities for us.”

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