Australians are more comfortable talking about sex and politics than they are about their money, a new survey has found.

Forty-two per cent of Australians surveyed always avoid talking about their personal finances, compared to religion (40 per cent), sex (38 per cent), gambling (37 per cent) and politics (23 per cent), reported.

Baby Boomers are the least comfortable generation when it comes to money talk, with 56 per cent never discussing it.

“Many in that generation were raised to believe that talking about money is rude or impolite, and those are hard attitudes to shake,” consumer advocate Bessie Hassan said.

Gen Y is the generation most likely to talk about money, with 33 per cent of survey respondents saying they often discuss personal finances.

Despite living in a social media age where people are criticised for sharing far too much information online, divulging money matters “makes us wildly uncomfortable,” Ms Hassan said.

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