Loan Market to boost brokers’ online presence

Loan Market has launched a new in-house function to support the development of new technology for its brokers.

The broking group’s digital team now consists of seven web developers who will work in-house to improve existing and build new platforms for brokers to utilise within their own business.

Jason Furnell, head of Loan Market Digital, said the new offering is focused on increasing brokers’ profiles online and streamlining their business processes.

“We’ve already been involved in launching new broker web profiles, a new intranet and lead management tools – and there’s a lot more to come,” he said.

“The ultimate goal is to really ensure our online and offline experience for consumers is seamless – to create well-informed Australians as well as a well-regarded Loan Market brand.”

Loan Market said it considers itself to be a driver in digital innovation as well as gender equality, with four of the seven web developers being female.

Angie Gove, one of the developers at Loan Market Digital, said it is “quite unique” that the group has launched a female-dominant team, rather than grow one over time.

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