The Commercial & Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia (CAFBA) is the peak national body of commercial and equipment finance brokers, whose prime area of business is the distribution of commercial and equipment finance facilities to their clients. With over 900 members, in all states and territories, CAFBA is an important national voice in the Australian finance sector.

CAFBA members are career professionals, with recent studies showing nearly 73% (East & Partners 2020) of new commercial equipment finance is sourced through brokers. Our members and their clients are predominantly small to medium-sized businesses and operate in the commercial finance market.

CAFBA members know that providing Australian small businesses with access to finance is crucial to economic growth. Although brokers are commonly associated with home loans, CAFBA members work in a complex environment to provide a boutique service. Without the work of CAFBA’s professional members, many Australian small business owners would struggle to navigate the complexities involved with commercial finance.

CAFBA embodies the strengths of its members in a unified approach for dealing with financiers and legislators at a national level and regularly seeks the views of members. As an association, CAFBA provides the framework and support to professionally assist our members in their daily activities. This involves education and training, legislative and regulatory updates, and forums where the members can interact and exchange ideas with their peers.

CAFBA prides itself on being self-regulating and maintains strict membership standards on probity, continuing professional development, minimum education standards, industry experience, and reputation.

CAFBA has dedicated courses including the Certificate IV in Financial Services: Specialising in Commercial & Asset Finance and the Diploma of Financial Services: Complex Issues in Commercial Lending that are dedicated to helping brokers transition and successfully operate in commercial finance.