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Welcome from Master of Ceremonies

Shelly Horton, TV Journalist and Founder, ShellShocked Media


Industry update and the evolving regulatory landscape

Speaker, NAB



Borrowers today demand transparent, fast and personalised offerings from lenders. These expectations are shaped by experiences across all areas of our lives, which are underpinned by data, analytics and carefully crafted user experience. So what might the future hold for lending in Australia against this backdrop of digitally driven expectations and increased regulatory focus? During this discussion, Stuart will explore

  • Possible implications of Open Banking
  • Providing value beyond settlement
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • Customer Guidance and financial wellbeing

Exclusive Research: Key findings from the Consumer Access to Mortgages survey

In this session, the findings of the 2020 Consumer Access to Mortgages survey will be revealed.

The Consumer Access to Mortgages report explores the voices of thousands of Australian borrowers to reveal the latest consumer sentiments towards both the third-party and proprietary channels 12 months on from its original release at the height of the royal
commission. In this session, we will:

  • Reveal the rates of borrower satisfaction, retention and attrition in both the third-party and proprietary channels.
  • Outline what consumers believe to be “in their best interests”.
  • Explore the percentage of consumers that value the services that brokers offer but don’t currently use a broker (and how you can capitalise on this opportunity).
  • Highlight the most common borrower myths that you can use to educate existing and potential customers.

This session will make sure you’re equipped with the latest consumer data to help reinforce your value proposition and grow your business in 2020.


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Customer of the future

Anglo Australia has been replaced with a cosmopolitan aspirational fusion culture deeply suspicious of big government and big business. Connection with the heartland today is via local, tribal and authentic relationships. Powerful data from the 2016 Census shows just how much middle Australia has changed. Your market isn’t so much on the move… it’s already in a different space.

This session will showcase the latest trends, segments and behaviours of the mortgage consumer market. Discover:

  • How customers will interact with mortgage brokers in the future
  • What customers will value
  • How can you deliver to their rising expectations

Networking break and lunch


How to have better conversations with your client

Too often, when engaging in conversation with clients, we bias towards logical arguments and rely on calls to rationality while ignoring the much more powerful emotional and psychological levels of influence.

This session will help you navigate the psychology of engagement and the three levels of influence. Dan will take you on a journey from the literal to the emotional, and ultimately, to the psychological levers that drive our decision-making and buying behaviours. He’ll also explain how to transform this understanding into persuasive communication that is visual, verbal, behavioural and personal.

  • Understand how to ladder down through the layers of influence from literal to emotional to the psychological
  • Learn how to communicate that understanding in a way that feels empathetic rather than manipulative
  • Develop personal communication tools that range from the verbal to the visual and even behavioural
  • Understand how to align your value with their values and define what you are actually “selling”

Networking break and refreshments


Australian First: Advanced selling strategies — triple your income in 2020

Need a kick-start for 2020? Fresh from his USA tour, Niik Stewart will deliver his newest and never before seen in Australia presentation for brokers who want to achieve their full income and business potential for 2020.

This session will be a “back to basics” of selling combined with new strategies and ideas to help transform the business and income that all brokers require to achieve amazing results and outcomes. Sharing the insights and strategies gained from high-performing and top-earning individuals and sales teams in the mortgage industry in the USA, Niik will discuss what makes them confident and successful in creating the business, sales income and results that most brokers only dream of.


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