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About the 2024 Conference

The Adviser’s award-winning Better Business Summit returned for its 11th consecutive year, bigger and better than ever before! The 2024 summit inspired and motivated attendees with session led by a line-up of extraordinary speakers featuring some of the most influential figures in the business world.

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Attendees heard from:

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The woman coaching the world’s top CEOs:

Gain invaluable insights from a powerhouse coach who has guided and shaped the success of some of the world’s most renowned CEOs. Learn the secrets to their leadership prowess and discover how to apply these strategies to your own business ventures.
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One of Australia’s most prominent social entrepreneurs

Our speaker will share valuable insights on social entrepreneurship and innovative marketing strategies, unveiling his inspiring journey and the secrets behind using business to drive positive social impact.
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Australia’s top innovation and AI voice

Dive into the realm of innovation and artificial intelligence with one of Australia’s leading experts. Unearth the transformative potential of AI for your business and explore cutting-edge approaches to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.
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Leaders in broker tech

Discover a series of short, sharp sessions designed to uncover the most cutting-edge broker technology and data solutions. These laser-focused sessions will provide a comprehensive understanding of the latest tech tools available to brokers, and how to unlock invaluable strategies to streamline operations, optimise resource allocation, and enhance efficiency.


Better Business Summit 2025

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to revitalise your broker career and become a trailblazer in the industry. The Better Business Summit awaits you with transformative experiences that will shape your future for the better. Register your interest to be the first to know when tickets go on sale.

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Inspiration unleashed

Our carefully selected speakers will share their incredible journeys, providing you with the motivation to reach new heights in your career and personal development.
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Sales-driven strategies

Gain exclusive access to powerful sales techniques and marketing insights that will help you capture new leads and elevate your broker business to unparalleled levels of success.
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High-energy networking

Connect with fellow industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, opening doors to collaboration and mutual growth.
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Award-winning legacy

For 11 years, the Better Business Summit has consistently delivered exceptional value, leaving attendees equipped with the tools to thrive in their businesses.

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What others say

I love coming every year. I've been to every one that we've had here in Brisbane. There's always great content, excellent speakers and I've really enjoyed it today.
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Tracie Palmer - Mortgage Broker and Owner of Cornerstone Homeloans
Today's event has been amazing. It's firstly so great to be connecting in a room with people for the first time in over a couple of years and to come into the room and the format was just so different. And having to wear these headphones and listening to content, but at the same time, catching up with our lender friends, our broker friends and at the same time listening to content. You know, it's been really, really great. A very different concept.
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Nicole Canon, Mortgage Broker, Founder/Director Pink Finance - Sydney delegate
Today's Better Business Summit has actually been my favourite conference to date. 19 years in the industry is just really dynamic. You can tune in, you can tune out. The silent disco theme has been amazing. And just lots of different interactive things on show here. It's been really good.   For someone coming to the next business summit, I would definitely suggest coming. It's a time to reflect on your business, and learn and level up. You get to speak to the speakers, so it's just really interesting and it'll open your mind a little bit   I would describe the event as extremely dynamic, very forward thinking, visionary and fun.
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Liz Wilson, Broker, Wilson Financial - Sydney delegate
It's a really new, really good way of actually going around meeting the lenders and seeing the actual guest speakers the way you've done it.
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Steve D’Costa, Lend Me - Perth Delegate
It's quite good coming to all the stands and talking to people and I've enjoyed the one about cyber crime. I would say attend. It's always good learning and you get to meet a lot of peers and you get to talk to all the BDMs at the stands. I think it's well worth coming.
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Joseph Hili, Sunstorm Finance - Perth Delegate

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