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UK STUDY TOUR 2016: Testimonials from attendees

Last year I received an email with an invitation to a UK Study Tour with The Adviser. Initially, I had a quick look at the email and ignored it. Once I actually went through the email and looked at the speakers, I realised that it was an opportunity I should look into. I go to loads of conferences, both overseas and interstate, ranging from finance broking industry conferences through to technology and marketing conferences. This was by far the best learning experience I have had. The speakers they had were from a diverse range of areas in the finance industry that all came with a wealth of knowledge. It was a real privilege to just be in the room with these speakers, but the way the trip was organised, we were able to actually interact with the speakers around the dinner table over a nice meal and a glass of wine. You can only learn so much in a group session, but the way it was structured allowed us to ask more personalised questions and really learn from their industry overseas. The content was fantastic as it really prepared everyone’s minds for what is likely to come in Australia. There wasn’t a bad word said about the trip from any of the attendees and I can't wait to see what they deliver for the next study tour.
- Tom Caesar, managing director, Positive Group

As an early stage fintech venture, the most important thing for me right now is to gather as much market information as possible and meet as many key people in the industry as I can to help validate and promote our ezidox document collection platform. There isn’t a lot of budget for events and conferences, but The Adviser UK Study Tour presented a unique opportunity that couldn’t be ignored. Through sheer force of reputation and enormous effort, the organisers gathered together a series of presenters of the highest calibre from across the entire mortgage industry in the UK. The personal access to key people allowed me to network and build my knowledge base considerably. On the flip side, the attendees represented a cross-section of the Australian mortgage industry that was equally as impressive and that has resulted in a number of key business relationships that have generated real business for us. All this was topped off with a creative and entertaining series of dinners and events that “money can’t buy”. I trust that the next Study Tour will be equally worthwhile.
- Geoff Kendall, CEO, ezidox

The Adviser’s UK Study Tour was a first-class event that could not be faulted – from the accommodation, to the excellent range of speakers and evening events.

From a business perspective, there were many insights that had assisted me in my business. There was great learning in the area of compliance, cross-selling insurance, business strategy and sales and marketing. The quality of attendees also meant the value received in networking events was an added bonus and I gained a lot from these.

The MC, Steve Weston, tied the event together perfectly, giving great insights and relating information back to the Australian market.

A big thanks to Phil, Alex, Jim and all The Adviser team.

- Ross Le Quesne, principal, Aussie Parramatta and Rouse Hill

The UK Study Tour was a wonderful experience. Not only was it a fantastic opportunity to network with industry peers, but the tour also connected us with some of the most influential finance minds in the UK. Rather than attending a conference with hundreds of people, this tour allowed us the opportunity to get up close and personal and have meaningful discussions with the panel speakers.

Hearing their challenges and experiences has really positioned our firm to cope better with the potential threat of increased regulation. Furthermore, it was useful to see the level of digital disruption and the opportunities that it presents for the Australian market.

- Darren Cantor, general managing director, Mortgage Port

My role as managing director at Your Client Matters involves me attending and presenting at industry events all year round and has done for over 13 years.

In October 2016, The Adviser organised and delivered what I would call, without exception, the most impactful, well organised, structured, industry leading, interesting and relevant event I have ever attended – The Adviser UK Study Tour. By far, this was the BEST business event of last year, and my career, to date.

The consideration of not only the content, the venue and the presenters were exceptional, but the accommodation and post-event activities were totally unique in their design and delivery and would be very hard to surpass.

The impact this event has had on my business ensured that I was more informed and consequently ahead of my competition than those who were not at that event could comprehend. I have changed many aspects of my business as a result of attending this event, which has given me nearly 12 months’ advanced opportunity and will hold me in good stead for years to come.

This event is certainly worthy of the highest recognition.

- Deena Janes, managing director, Your Client Matters

I was fortunate enough to be part of an elite group of mortgage industry members to join an industry-first study on the UK mortgage broking market in October 2016. With so many changes in our industry, I thought this would be a great opportunity to gain some further knowledge, to compare pain points and to find opportunities that may be missed here in Australia.

I can sincerely say that this was a career highlight for me. The experience on a professional and personal level was just incredible. There was nothing that was not considered – from location and social events, to content and quality of guest speakers, the tour was fuelled with WOW moments and it was clear that Momentum Media went to great lengths to ensure that our investment was worthwhile.

From the very first moment of arrival at the Ritz, I knew this was going to be something special. The tour study sessions were located at the Royal Automobile Club, which was another incredible venue with so much British history. Customer service was second to none and unlike anything ever experienced.

The organised evening events were all about capturing the incredible history of London – from the Ritz Dining Rooms, to Berry Bros. & Rudd and Winston Churchill’s Underground Bunker. Not to mention, the food was incredible too!

Most importantly, the content of the tour was so on point and relevant. Various Australian industry personnel were also present, including aggregators, service providers, brokers and industry bodies, and there were valuable takeaway points for all of us. The guest speakers were the best in the UK and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet such influential members of our mortgage broking community, albeit in the UK.

The knowledge gained has certainly helped me to become a better broker. I have shared information with my customers and it has helped Pink Finance to stand out from other brokers. Due to the connections made and the information gained from the tour, I have implemented new systems to automate my processes, introduced new revenue streams and now have more contacts within our industry to help me become an even better broker.

I couldn’t think of an event that was more exclusive or comprehensive that was able to capture so much content while also allowing us to have the most wonderful time.

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial – it has bought back so many fond memories! I wish Momentum Media the best of luck.

- Nicole Cannon, director and founder, Pink Finance

The Adviser UK Study Tour provided an unparalleled opportunity to obtain an insider’s look at the mortgage industry in the UK. Visiting a market that has experienced significant changes in regulation has provided a fascinating look at what potentially lies in store for our own industry and helps shape the thinking on how we prepare for such change.

The agenda read as first-class and provided access to leaders across the spectrum of the industry. What was more compelling, however, was how candid each of the speakers were in sharing their insights into the challenges affecting their businesses.

- Stephen Scahill, Chief Operating Officer, Loan Market

Jim and the team put together an outstanding UK tour. We gained amazing insight into the UK broker market from high-level and notable industry speakers who provided invaluable content at unique venues across the UK.

The social agenda was also outstanding with first-class accommodation and access to the most exclusive venues and restaurants, which enabled great opportunities for networking in an informal environment with industry peers.

I would highly recommend The Adviser UK Study Tour – it is unparalleled and the type of event that you wouldn’t be able to replicate yourself, providing access to the best leading business minds in the world, as well as a five star cultural and culinary experience!

- John Kolenda, Managing Director, Finsure Group