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Uncrowded marketplace waiting for brokers to claim


Tim Reid, founder and host of the podcast show Small Business Big Marketing, said podcasting is a relatively uncrowded marketplace, giving brokers the perfect opportunity to establish themselves as a thought leader and showcase their knowledge.

Mr Reid will be one of the keynote speakers at The Adviser’s Digital Marketing Boot Camp 2015, which will take place in Brisbane on 1 July, Melbourne on 2 July and Sydney on 3 July.

When it comes to putting together a podcast, Mr Reid said brokers need to be clear on their editorial mission, which is a simple three-question process: “What have you got to offer? To whom can you offer it? What outcome can they expect?”

Mr Reid said the second thing brokers need to be clear on is the format of the podcast, which could involve them interviewing somebody or taking part in a discussion.

The next step is to test the podcast. “I would recommend brokers go and figure out what the first five episodes will look like, and if it happens very quickly for them, that’s a sign that they’re on the right path,” he said.

Mr Reid said that while new podcasters face a learning curve, it is not as difficult as people think – and it is “mind-blowingly” inexpensive.

“I produce my show on my MacBook. I have a $200 USB microphone that I bought from the Apple store, and I do all my interviews for free on Skype,” he said.

“I record them using a piece of software called Call Recorder for Skype, which was $29, and I get an episode edited for anywhere between $50 and $150. It’s cheap marketing.”

Mr Reid said the three biggest mistakes new podcasters make is not sticking with it, not being themselves behind the microphone and delivering poor audio quality.

Uncrowded marketplace waiting for brokers to claim
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